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Jiub's Opus (Page 3) is a missing page from the first volume of Saint Jiub's twenty-six volume biography.


  • Soul Cairn – From the South face of the fortified wall, head West until you reach a large fort wall with a building-like extension. Heading inside this building and through to the other side leads to an area sectioned off by barriers and a small building with a large crystal on top. The page is in front of a chest on top of the building. Beware, for the crystal can inflict damage.


tracking what I called a Lingerer... a cliff racer without a nest. He was a particularly feisty one too, leading me on a merry chase across almost three miles of ash dunes. I had managed to take a piece out of one of his wings in an earlier scuffle so he couldn't maintain much of a climb, but he still had quite a bit of stamina left and he was trying to make me tire of the chase. Almost two solid hours passed and my silt



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