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Jiub's Opus (Page 7) is a missing page from the first volume of Saint Jiub's twenty-six Volume biography.


  • Soul Cairn – Start where page four was discovered. Leave this structure via the stairs to the east. Travel east, past purple craters/pools with light coming from them. Find one of the pools with several souls sitting around it. Head a small way east from this pool, up a small flight of stairs to a small shrine. The page will be on the floor in front of the shrine.


flat of my glass blade. There was no need for the innocent thing to die today because of my stupidity. As the ash cloud cleared from being stirred up by its massive legs, the cliff racer brood approached. I held my sword high and prepared for the worst.

The battle lasted two full days. I was beaten, clawed, bitten and knocked down more times than I care to



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