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Jiub is a Dunmer ghost who may be found in the Soul Cairn. In life, he was a prisoner in the boat which the Nerevarine took to Morrowind, and eventually became a saint. He died during the Oblivion Crisis, where his soul was captured by Mehrunes Dagon.


Jiub's early life was dark and a time that he himself deeply regrets. Murder was always in demand in his homeland of Morrowind, and so he worked as a low-grade assassin to feed his skooma addiction. It was a choice that led to his eventual incarceration.[1]


Jiub was sent to prison after a failed assassination on a high-ranking official of House Redoran. A rival assassin from the Morag Tong reached his target first and alerted the guards to cover his tracks. Jiub was sent to jail in Vivec City after his trial.[1]

Upon his release in 3E 427, he was transferred by ship alongside the Nerevarine, who had been sent from the Imperial City, to Morrowind.[2] It was at this time he decided to turn his life around to seek redemption. He felt compelled to give something back to the people of Morrowind, so he decided to embark upon a crusade against the Cliff Racers who plagued his homeland.[1]


In the following years, Jiub sought out and slayed the winged menace across the ashlands of Morrowind and beyond. On one occasion, a Cliff Racer he was pursuing led him into an ambush. According to Jiub, the entire nest attacked him—but over the course of two full days Jiub was victorious after killing seventy six of them.[3]


For his efforts in wiping out the Cliff Racers from Vvardenfell, he was canonized by the Tribunal Temple.[4] He became a hero across the region of Morrowind and even had a festival, known as Saint Jiub's Fair, named after him.[5]


"Many are dead in the land of the Dunmer. Even St. Jiub, who drove the cliffracers from Vvardenfell, has fallen to the daedra hordes."
―Overheard Conversation[src]

During the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Jiub later moved to Kvatch in Cyrodiil to focus on his writing, but his life was tragically cut short when an Oblivion Gate opened outside the city in 3E 433. His soul was captured by a Dremora during the attack on the city and sent to the Soul Cairn.[1]


Impatience of a Saint[]

The Dragonborn can interact with the spiritual essence of Jiub and accept a quest to find the pages of his first volume of his autobiography; its pages are scattered across the barren landscape of the Soul Cairn.

Jiub also mentions life in Morrowind and Cyrodiil and how he was imprisoned. When he is first encountered he is under the impression that he is imprisoned in Tamriel, although he has no idea how he came to be imprisoned or that he has been dead for over 200 years.


Show: Impatience of a Saint
Inside the Soul Cairn:

"Huh? What do you want?"

What exactly are you doing? "How does anyone expect me to write my opus with all of these rude interruptions?"
Opus? What do you mean? ""What do I mean," indeed! If I hadn't lost all of the pages, I wouldn't be in this predicament and we wouldn't be having this conversation."
Let's just start at the beginning... "Very well. I suppose a moment or two of my time couldn't hurt. I am Jiub. Some call me Saint Jiub. Others call me Jiub the Eradicator. Perhaps you've heard of me?"
Nope, never heard of you. "I can't say that I'm surprised by your answer. Until I get my second volume published, no one will ever know of my achievements."
You're talking about a book? "A book? I'd hardly call a twenty-six volume epic simply a "book." Surely you've heard of "The Rise and Fall of Saint Jiub the Eradicator: Hero of Morrowind and Savior of the Dunmer.""
Maybe a shorter title is in order? "Maybe you should leave the writing to an expert and stop making foolish suggestions."
How is your work going so far? "Terrible, simply terrible. I was in the midst of writing the second volume and they just threw into this prison. It's unfair!"
Who threw you in here? "That damn dremora and his minions. They didn't even give me a chance to explain who I was."
Prison? You mean the Soul Cairn? "Soul what? What in the name of Vivec are you talking about? All I remember is that damned dremora and his minions bursting into my home and sending me to their prison."
You must be crazy. "Hmph. I tell you what's crazy. How about sitting in your home, minding your own business and then suddenly getting attacked by a dremora and his cronies."
A dremora captured you? "Well, I assume so. It cast a spell at me from some kind of strange black crystal. Next thing I knew, I arrived here."
Your soul was trapped. "My what? Wait. That means..."
You're dead. "No... All these wasted months, or has it been years? I don't even remember how much time has passed. Now my work will never see the light of day. My name will be forgotten."
Could I help? "Perhaps. Do you have a way out of here?"
I do, but you can't leave that way. "Maybe I can't leave, but my writings can. In order to write the second volume of my opus, I need the notes from my first volume. Otherwise I need to do all of this from memory."
How many pages did you lose? "When I was tossed in here I felt myself falling... and I dropped the pages I had been holding. There were ten of them in all. Find them for me, please, I beg you!"
How did you earn your nicknames? "Ah, yes. Saint Jiub, Jiub the Eradicator, Jiub the Magnificent... I've earned a lot of those titles thanks to my campaign against the Winged Menace."
Winged Menace? "Yes. I'm speaking of the Cliff Racer of course. Wretched things. They used to criss-cross the skies over Morrowind like vermin. Nasty flying creatures with a habit of sneaking up on the unwary."
What was your campaign against them? "After I was freed from prison, I decided to turn my life around. Give something back to the people of Morrowind. It became quickly apparent that the best way I could help would be by wiping out the cliff racers."
Were you successful? "Indeed I was. I hunted down and killed every last one of them. Took years. The people of Morrowind were so grateful to have the roads safer again, they took to calling me "Saint Jiub" and then the other names followed."
You said you were in prison? "That was a dark time in my life. I did a lot of things I ended up regretting. Maybe that's why I worked so hard to redeem myself once I was freed."
What did you do? "I murdered others for money. And before you think I belonged to some romantic or secretive guild, think again. I was simply an addict who needed money for skooma. The stuff wasn't cheap, and murder always seemed to be in demand."
How'd you get caught? "I finally bit off more than I could chew. I was paid to assassinate some high-ranking official from House Redoran. What I didn't know is someone had hired the Morag Tong to kill him as well."
Rival assassin? "Exactly. He got to my target first and called the guard to cover his tracks. By the time I got there, the place was on alert. Walked right into a trap, and didn't even realize it until I was captured."
So what ended up happening to you? "They tried me for murder, threw me on a prison ship and sent me to the jail in Vivec City. Gave me a lot of time to think, that's for sure."
Why would a dremora attack you? "Well, that's a ridiculous question. Everyone traveling through here has said that the Oblivion Gates have been opening all over Tamriel."
That was... a bit before my time. "Has it been that long? Oh my. Well, it started with the followers of Mehrunes Dagon having Emperor Uriel Septim VII assassinated. Without a Septim on the throne of the Empire, Dagon was able to leave Oblivion through the gates and attack."
Why was Dagon able to do this? "All I heard is that without a Septim sitting on the throne of the Empire, the Dragonfires in a place called the Temple of the One were no longer lit. This meant that we were vulnerable to the forces of Oblivion."
What ended up happening? "Well, I don't know. Everything seemed fine until that dremora attacked me. I only heard later about the gates from the other souls. I can only assume the gates have been closed by now."
Where were you captured? "I had just moved from my ancestral home in Morrowind to the continent of Cyrodiil. I settled in the city of Kvatch to write my memoirs and to find some peace and quiet."
Is that where you were attacked? "Indeed! One moment I was writing diligently, and the next, my door bursts open. It was a cadre of dremora. The city was under attack. I took it upon myself to join the cause and fight the dremora, thinking this would simply be another feather in my cap."
Didn't work out that way I assume. "The reason I'm standing in front of you as only a whisper of my former self should tell you that. I never knew what became of Kvatch. I wonder if they were triumphant without me."
I don't have time for this. "And you think I do? Humph."

If left mid-dialogue:

"Good riddance."

If told the Dragonborn doesn't have time:

"You again? I thought it was clear I was busy."

Now, what were you saying? "Oh, I see. You've decided to cease pursuing your busy schedule and wish to talk now. How kind."
Let's just start at the beginning... "Very well. I suppose a moment or two of my time couldn't hurt. I am Jiub. Some call me Saint Jiub. Others call me Jiub the Eradicator. Perhaps you've heard of me?"
I don't have time for this. "Oh, this is simply getting infuriating!"

During the quest, when approached:

"Any luck finding my pages yet?"
"Still over half the pages are missing. Keep trying."
"Half the pages, eh? You're getting there."
"That's over half of the pages found. Keep it up!"

During the quest, when left:

"Now, where was I..."
"Thanks again for searching. I don't know what I'd do without my pages."
"At this rate, my first volume will be complete. Don't give up."
"Hey, where are you going. I need those pages!"

After finding all the pages:

"You did it! You have all of my pages!"

Here's all of the pages. "Finally! I never thought I'd see these again. These pages meant the world to me. Thank you!"
So now what? "Now, volume two begins! What else?"
I'll be off then. "Oh, wait a moment. Here, I want you to have these before you go. A pristine copy of my first volume. Only one in print, actually. And take this as well. Seeing as Saint Jiub has ascended to pure spiritual form, I won't need it any longer."

Upon completion of the quest:

"I miss my homeland, but I can't say that I miss all the noise!"

What will you do now? "Now that the first volume's complete, there's not much left to do but begin work on the second. There are plenty of other adventures I've had over the years, but you'll just have to read my next work to find out."
I don't suppose there's a way to free you. "Considering the state I'm in, I'd say that option vanished a long time ago. Besides this isn't so bad when you think about it."
How so? "This is the most peace and quiet I've had in a lifetime. There's no one around to disturb me and distract me from my writing. Present company excepted of course."

"Only thirty more pages and my next volume will be complete."


Quote Audio
"Now what was it I said to that prisoner? "Stand up, there you go. You were dreaming..." Yes, that was it."
"Was it "Between the forces of good and evil."? No, no... that's not it..."
"Was it "Having the adoration of thousands..." No, wait. I could make it "the adoration of tens of thousands.""
"I wonder how many copies I'll sell? Hundreds? Thousands? I'll hire the finest bookbinder I can find."
""And without any regard for my safety, I fearlessly charged the enemy!" No, much too dramatic..."
"Damn it. How could I be so foolish?"
"'Saviour of Morrowind." Hm, that's good but it sounds too narrow of scope..."
"Did I start with my ride on the prison ship, or was it before that?"
"I can't believe I lost those pages."
"Hm. Did I call it "The Great Hunt" or was it just "The Hunt?" Bah, I can't remember!"
"When I rewrite those pages... they'll see what they missed."
"I miss my homeland, but I can't say that I miss all the noise!"
"Back to visit Jiub the Magnificent, eh?"
"I'm still hard at work on the second volume of my epic."


  • Jiub's crusade against the Cliff Racers did not bring the species into extinction, as Mjoll the Lioness often shares with the Dragonborn about her adventures in Morrowind, where she would hunt Cliff Racers with her father. Judging from Mjoll's age, this could never have been more than one or two decades ago.
  • Jiub has his original voice from Morrowind when encountered in the Soul Cairn. He is the only Dunmer since Morrowind to have this voice. Although the voice was to be originally included in Oblivion, it was cut from the finalized game.



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