"Praise the Nine! Have you come to my rescue?"
―Jon Hawker[src]

Jon Hawker is a Redguard trader and layman for the Imperial Cult who can be found in the cave of Nammu.


Ring in DarknessEdit

Jon Hawker is friendly when encountered, requesting aid to escape his imprisonment. He will tell of being a trader who was attacked and taken prisoner to be sold as a slave. He requests help in the form a Divine Intervention scroll. After being given a scroll, he provides the Nerevarine with Zenithar's Warning and Zeinthar's Wiles.


Ring in Darkness

"Praise the Nine! Have you come to my rescue? I was seeking trade oppurtunities with the Ashlanders when I was attacked by outcast outlanders. I was seprarated from my bodyguard, and took refuge in this cave, where I was seized, robbed, and held by this battlemage, Galmis Dren, to be sold as a slave. I prayed to Zenithar for Divine Intervention. You must have been sent in answer to my prayers."

Galmis Dren "I warn you. He is a skilled battlemage, well-armed, well-armored, and dark in the Craft. Take care with him."
Divine Intervention "Lucky for me you came prepared -- not just for yourself, but for others. Don't worry about my stuff -- it wasn't worth anything. I just want out of here. Give me that scroll, and I'm free."
Give Divine Intervention scroll. "Thank you, friend. And goodbye. But before I go, let me give you a gift. They took everything, but I managed to keep these gloves hidden. I've always been found of them, and their maker. Wear them in good health, and in remembrance of me."
Keep Divine Intervention scroll. "Just my luck. In answer to my prayers, the Nine send me a tight-wad hero. The gods have a funny sense of humor."


  • While not directly related to the quest "Ring in Darkness", upon returning and speaking with Lalatia Varian, she will be surprised about the encounter and surmise that he was the avatar of the god Zenithar.


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