"I get lost sometimes. I'm not sure where I go, but I'm not... I'm not here."


Joric is a Nord child who lives in Morthal.


Joric is the younger brother of Idgrod the Younger, the son of Idgrod Ravencrone, Jarl of Morthal, and Aslfur. He lives in Highmoon Hall.

Relationships and personalityEdit

His older sister takes care of him and watches over him; occasionally she has to chase him around because he tends to wander off without warning.

Joric appears to have inherited the same gift of psychic foresight that his mother also claims to have. His erratic behavior seems to be closely connected to these psychic visions he sometimes receives.


Idgrod the Younger can be found leaning on a doorpost across from Highmoon Hall. She asks to the Dragonborn to deliver a letter to Danica Pure-Spring, priestess in the Temple of Kynareth, regarding Joric's health. She says that Joric isn't mad; although, he might have inherited his family's "gift," which, if according to the Jarl's steward, is strange dreams, perhaps telling the future. Joric has already been to the Temple of Kynareth to be looked over before.


If the Dragonborn casts magic in front of him, he initiates special dialogue and asks the caster to make him invisible. The Dragonborn may either do so by use of the Fade Other spell (which is only available with console commands) or lie to Joric and make him believe that he is invisible.


  • "You're different, aren't you? Not like anyone else. Not in Morthal, or Skyrim."
  • "Gorm thinks I'm mad. He doesn't say it, but I know he thinks it. Is he right?"
  • "I get lost sometimes. I'm not sure where I go, but I'm not, I'm not here."
  • "It was Falion! He did it! I don't know what, but he did it."
  • "I don't understand. Why can't we go home?" —After being exiled from Morthal
  • "I can't sleep here. The dreams are even worse than before." —After being exiled
  • "I hope monsters come and eat you." —When exiled
  • "My mother sees things. She doesn't know why, but she does. Only sometimes, she doesn't see me at all."



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