"What?! Oh. Joto sees. Jaganvir's favorite little trick. What did you do to annoy this Archmage, Joto wonders? Well, Joto takes care of this, no problem. Tayn-soma-neah-oosh-m'ktal."

Joto - Jaganvirs Favorite Little Trick

Joto is a Khajiit in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. He was an Acolyte of the Mages Guild, but after trying to find a way to restore Prince A'Tor, he was thrown into the jail by Amiel Richton for treason against the Empire.


Finding the Flask of LillandrilEdit

After being turned into a Gremlin by Jaganvir, Cyrus must seek help from Joto. He can be found in the City Jail near the palace. Joto will turn Cyrus back into a human and give additional info about the Empire and Restless League. After giving a piece of the map for The Flask of Lillandril, Joto will be shot by Dram.


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