Journey to Aetherius is the final quest in Daggerfall. It involves traveling to the spiritual realm of Aetherius to retrieve the Mantella. The Daedric Prince Sheogorath appears here in a sitting room, before he was ever associated with Oblivion.[1]

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Nulfaga in Castle Shedungent, to reach Aetherius
  2. Find your way through the six sections of the Mantellan Crux
  3. Find and activate the Mantella
  4. Go back to Nulfaga and talk to her


Travel to Shedungent and speak to Nulfaga. To quickly access her chambers, the Daggerfall banner should be activated, and the words "shut up" should be typed to open the magically sealed door.

The Agent should then speak to Nulfaga, only being able to return after receiving the Mantella. They will need to fight through various Daedra, undead, and other creatures before finding the Mantella. Upon return, several cutscenes exist for each of the potential owners of the Totem.


Gothryd of DaggerfallEdit

"Great Numidium comes to the call of the dragon of Daggerfall. The armies of Sentinel and Wayrest fall like scattered leaves, letting Daggerfall secure control of the Illiac Bay."

Gortwog of OrsiniumEdit

"Under the command of Gortwog, Numidium destroys the other powers of the Illiac Bay; Daggerfall, Sentinel, and Wayrest. A new Orcish homeland is carved out in Orsinium, and the Empire will never be able to dispute Gortwog's claim to Orcish equality."

Akorithi of SentinelEdit

"The Mantella is released from Aetherius and at the command of Sentinel draws forth great Numidium. The other powers of the Illiac Bay are swept aside like children's toys, placing the right rule of Sentinel in ascendancy over the Illiac Bay."

Eadwyre of WayrestEdit

"King Eadwyre of Wayrest, traitor to the Empire, commands great Numidium to destroy his enemies. Daggerfall and Sentinel fall first, leaving Wayrest in complete control of the Illiac Bay."

King of WormsEdit

"The Mantella is hurled from Aetherius, and although drawn to the empty chest of great Numidium, the will of the King of Worms commands it to his side. With this power, the King of Worms leaves his mortal frame and joins the ranks of the gods of Oblivion."

The UnderkingEdit

"Centuries of undead sleep are shaken off, rousing the Underking. No mortal force can stop his fateful reunion with the ghost of his heart, and he joins with it in an all-consuming fiery embrace, and for just one moment, he is flesh and blood, a blessed death is granted to Tiber Septim's battlemage."

The Blades of Uriel Septim VIIEdit

"Great Numidium, its raw power tempered only by The Blades, crushes all the rebellious children of the Empire, destroying their armies."


Journal Entry
Nulfaga has sent me to the Mantellan Crux to find the Mantella, the heart of the great Numidium. It is supposed to be a big, green gem. All I have to do is touch it.



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