"Faida's teaching me the innkeeper's trade. She runs the Four Shields."
―Julienne Lylvieve[src]


Julienne Lylvieve is a Breton woman who lives in Dragon Bridge, working in the Four Shields Tavern.


Julienne is the older sister of Clinton Lylvieve and her mother is Michel Lylvieve. She is learning the inn trade from Faida.


  • "I'm hoping to run my own inn someday."
  • "Faida's teaching me the innkeeper's trade. She runs The Four Shields."
  • "Please stop looking at me like that."
  • "First the war, and now there's talk of dragons? What's next?"


  • It is revealed by her father that a soldier staying at the inn attempted to sexually assault her.
  • If Julienne dies, a Letter of Inheritance may be delivered by a courier.
  • Even if Dragon Bridge is aligned with the Imperials, in which case Talos worship is outlawed, she will say "If the Nine are willing" in a conversation with Faida.


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