"Justices are men and women chosen by common vote to keep order in Bergama. It is a grave responsibility, not a reward. We answer to the Magistrate, but keep our own counsel. If you break the law in Bergama, we will find you."
―Justice Istah[src]

Justice Istah is a Redguard and the leader of the Bergama City Guard.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Gone Missing[edit | edit source]

Investigate the recent disappearances of Bergama's citizens.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Gone Missing

"Pardon me. I would speak with you."
"Greetings, wayfarer. Our fair city has always been a sanctuary for those traveling across the scorching sands of the Alik'r desert. I hope you find it so. I am Justice Istah—the head of security here. I am pleased to meet you."

It is a pleasure to meet you as well. "I overheard you speaking to the Magistrate. You expressed an interest in assisting with the investigation? I know she believes we have the situation under control, but I'm afraid nothing could be further from the truth."
Why did the Magistrate say otherwise? "Because I have withheld many of the facts. Magistrate Sulma is a Forebear, and this Withered Hand business has the Crowns here calling for King Fahara'jad to step down. She has enough worries with that. Security is my duty."
But you're saying that you need help? "I do. My bailiffs and I are Crowns. Duty requires we be impartial, but Forebears do not trust us, and now our fellow Crowns distrust us because we work for the Magistrate. No one talks, so we have no leads on the disappearances. Will you help us?"
Yes. I can help with the investigation. "That is what I had hoped. Of course, neither Forebears nor Crowns will open up to a stranger, and in fact, you can't even enter their respective fellowship houses. I have a plan though. You simply have to wear these dishdashas to disguise yourself."
So you want me to spy on Crowns and Forebears? "Yes. People get quiet when my bailiffs and I are around. Explore the city and listen. In particular, wear the disguises and visit Ra Gada's Respite and A'tor's Oasis. Follow up on any leads, and report back when you have something solid."
I'll report back when I have something. "I regret that political disagreements between Crowns and Forebears should impede a criminal investigation, but recent events have increased tensions dramatically. I am confident that your assistance in the investigation will prove to be valuable."
Tell me more about the Crowns. "The Crowns are traditionalists. We worship the old gods. In Bergama, many Crown families are even descended from ancient Yokudan nobility. Though we are loyal to the throne, we would prefer to see someone other than Fahara'jad sitting on it."
Tell me about the Forebears. "Politically speaking, the Forebears claim to be more progressive. They've taken to worshiping the Imperial gods, and associating more with the other races. King Fahara'jad even joined the Daggerfall Covenant, a move Crowns were firmly against."
What is a Justice? "Justices are men and women chosen by common vote to keep order in Bergama. It is a grave responsibility, not a reward. We answer to the Magistrate, but keep our own counsel. If you break the law in Bergama, we will find you."

After being placed in the stocks:

"Well ... it seems my efforts to shield the Magistrate from security concerns have landed me in the stocks."

Why are you in the stocks? "The Magistrate says I impeded the investigation. Apparently, she went behind my back to conduct her own inquiries. I found evidence she has been meeting secretly with Fakimal, one of my bailiffs. When I asked her about it, she had me locked up."
Fakimal was behind the disappearances. "What? How can this be true? Fakimal has been known to bend the law, but he always followed orders. I can't imagine him going on a killing spree. Where is he? I would speak with him straight away."
He's dead, but he was taking orders from someone. "Dead? The poor boy. I-I don't understand. You're saying he was killing people under orders? The only people with the authority to issue orders to Fakimal are myself and ... the Magistrate .... You think she's involved in this?"
Possibly. I found this mysterious key at Fakimal's. "That ... looks like Sulma's key, and this would explain why she put me in the stocks. May I request one last favor then? The Magistrate's home is southwest of the Hall of Judgment. Would you investigate the place?"
Yes. I'll go search the Magistrate's house. "If the Magistrate was somehow involved in this, she must be brought to justice!"

If chosen to keep the magistrate's secret a secret:

"What happened at the Magistrate's House? Do you find evidence that she's involved in the disappearances?"

I didn't find anything. "After all the evidence from Fakimal's house, that's surprising. If she's not behind the disappearances, I can't imagine who is. Tell me though, why am I in the stocks? There's no evidence aganst me."
That's between you and the Magistrate. "You would just leave me here to rot in the desert sun? How can you do this when you know that I am innocent of any wrongdoing? You had expressed a willingness to help me before. Something about this is very suspect. I hope I am wrong."
It's complicated. It's best for Bergama this way. "What in Oblivion does that mean? Did the Magistrate buy your silence, or do you really mean that she has a legitimate reason for this? What about me? Am I just to remain here in the stocks?"
Think of it as a sacrifice for the good of your fair city. "I cannot conceive of any explanation that would justify the disappearances, nor putting an innocent man in the stocks. I wish I could say I trusted your judgment, but at this point, I am convinced you are an enemy. Leave me alone."

If chosen to reveal the magistrate's secret:

"Sharing the evidence you discovered at Fakimal's house, I was able to convince the other bailiffs to release me from the stocks. Tell me though, what did you learn at the Magistrate's house?"

Her basement was full of corpses. "That must have been quite a ... grisly scene. The other bailiffs are already on their way over there. I will leave it to them to arrest the Magistrate as well. Why though? Why did the Magistrate and Fakimal kill all these people?"
She struck a deal with the Withered Hand. "All right. I have witnessed many dark crimes in my time as Justice, but they pale in comparison to this. To think our own Magistrate would make a deal with the Withered Hand. What could she possibly hope to gain from such a thing?"
She hoped they would spare Bergama. "A noble notion, I suppose, but nothing can justify the murder of innocents. She will pay for her crimes. You've done quite a service for our fair city. I'm not one for emotional displays of appreciation, but you have my gratitude."

"If the Withered Hand ever does try to take Bergama, we will now fight twice as hard to defend it. This city will persevere. And you will always be welcome here."

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Gone Missing

Magistrate Sulma: "Justice Istah. You are hereby found guilty of obstructing an investigation, and conspiring against the people of Bergama."
Justice Istah: "I do not know from where these charges originate, Magistrate, but I am innocent. You will see. The truth will come to light."
Magistrate Sulma: "You will remain here until a thorough investigation has been completed. I am sorry, Istah."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Those who cover up the truth are accomplices in the crime! You know who you are!"
  • "Whoever is behind the disappearance still walks amongst you!"
  • "The magistrate has no evidence to justify this!"
  • "The truth will eventually come out, and you will all see that I am innocent!"

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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