"It has been told by our father, and our fathers' fathers, that our time in this place will come to an end. My great-great-great-grandfather, K'Sharra, foretold of a time when we would receive three signs from the gods, signaling the end of the world."

The K'Sharra Prophecy is a prediction told by Ri'Bassa's great-great-great-grandfather, K'Sharra, that the world will end. The Khajiit of Border Watch all believe that the prophecy will one day come to pass, but they do not know when.

The prophecy foretells of three signs that will mark the end of the world:

  • First, Rats will swarm the town.
  • Second, all of the town's livestock will mysteriously die.
  • Third and final is the plague of fear, which Ri'bassa refuses to reveal to outsiders.

The prophecy will be used by Sheogorath as a way to liven up the town that he finds to be dull. Once the first two parts are done he will send the "plague of fear." The plague is a rainfall of burning dogs falling from the sky. If the prophecy is fulfilled, the Black Horse Courier will cover the story in their paper.