"Ka Po' Tun is the "Tiger-Dragon's Empire". The cat-folk here are ruled by the divine Tosh Raka, the Tiger-Dragon. They are now a very great empire, stronger than Tsaesci (though not at sea). After the Serpent-Folk ate all the Men, they tried to eat all the Dragons. They managed to enslave the Red Dragons, but the black ones had fled to (then) Po Tun. A great war was raged, which left both the cats and the snakes weak, and the Dragons all dead. Since that time the cat-folk have tried to become the Dragons. Tosh Raka is the first to succeed. He is the largest Dragon in the world, orange and black, and he has very many new ideas."
―Excerpt from Mysterious Akavir[src]

The Ka Po' Tun, formerly known as the Po' Tun, are a tiger-like "cat-folk" race present on the continent of Akavir. Along with the Kamal, Tang Mo, and Tsaesci, they are one of the four remaining races on the continent.[1][2]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

They are described as being tiger-like cat folk, possibly similar in appearance to the Khajiit and Lilmothiit. It is suggested that they are similar to Khajiit in terms of body structure as a humanoid cat-like design, and in appearance with stripes in the place of spots. Their leader, Tosh Raka, is said to have transformed himself into a large orange and black dragon, but it is unknown how similar he looks compared to the regular dragons of Nirn.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

After the Tsaesci consumed all the men on Akavir, they attempted to consume all the dragons. The red dragons were enslaved, but the black dragons fled to the Po'Tun. A great war was raged which left both the Tsaesci and Po' Tun weak, and resulted in all the remaining dragons of Akavir killed. Since then, the tiger people have attempted to transform into dragons themselves. Their leader, Tosh Raka, is the only one known to have successfully done so. Under his rulership, the race renamed themselves from the Po' Tun to the Ka Po' Tun to symbolize their rise above the Tsaesci Empire.

While they have had many feuds, battles, and wars with all the other races in Akavir, the Ka'Po'Tun consider the Tsaesci their greatest enemies. Following Tosh Raka's coronation as the Tiger-Dragon Emperor, the Ka Po' Tun have managed to become the most powerful Empire in Akavir, and have become more powerful than the Tsaesci themselves. In latest reports, it is said that the Ka'Po'Tun have recently allied with the Monkey People of Tang Mo in order to fight the Tsaesci. It is also reported that Tosh Raka desired to invade Tamriel itself after defeating the Tsaesci.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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