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[[Category:Lore: Characters]]
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Kagrenac was High Priest and Chief Tonal Architect, or Magecrafter of the Dwemer. He built items known collectively as Kagrenac's Tools or the "Profane Tools" - three artifacts integral to accessing the divine power of the Heart of Lorkhan: Keening, Sunder, and Wraithguard.[1]


Kagrenac was the best magecrafter of the Dwemer. It is he who discovered the Heart of Lorkan, and he crafted three tools to manipulate the divine power of the heart.[source?]

Kagrenac was given the responsibility of using this heart to create the Numidium. After Kagrenac used the three tools on the heart of Lorkhan, the Dwemer disappeared, during the events of the War of the First Council. Whether Kagrenac succeeded or failed is not certain. These events took place some time between 1E 668 and 1E 700.

It is noted that even Sotha Sil and Dagoth Ur, two of the most powerful wizards and enchanters to ever exist on Tamriel, have both a great deal of respect for Kagrenac, seeing him as the most gifted enchanter of all time. Though, it seems, according to Yagrum Bagram, that Kagrenac was too proud and succumb to the temptation of the Heart, refusing the advice of others and not telling his king about it.[source?]




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