Kalmo is an Umbrielian mentioned in An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City. He is Fhena's friend, and his job consists on delivering supplies to the kitchens.[1]


When Mere-Glim meets Fhena for the first time, he tells her how he had arrived at Umbriel. Fhena is terrified when Glim tells her he had been working on the kitchens. Fhena tells Glim that her friend Kalmo takes grain to five of the kitchens, so he ask Fhena to tell Kalmo to help him contact his friend Annaïg who is still working on the kitchens.[1]

Fhena mentions Kalmo again when Glim asks her how to access Toel's kitchen. According to Fhena, Kalmo or someone else who makes deliveries could know where Toel's kitchen is, but asking them about it could rise suspicion. Glim tells Fhena not to ask Kalmo and get into trouble for now.[2]



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