"Some would say that all things must end, so that the next can come to pass. Perhaps this world is simply the Egg of the next kalpa?"

A kalpa, referred to as the Next Pounce by the Khajiit,[1] is a period of time over which the world of the Elder Scrolls exists. Some sources indicate that at the end of the kalpa, time resets to a new Dawn Era.[UL 1]

Due to the age resetting at a new Dawn Era, the creation of Mundus can emerge in different ways each kalpa, with different et'Ada playing different roles. For example, Vivec recounts Molag Bal being prince of the Dreugh in what may be a previous kalpa,[2] and Umaril's father is claimed to be god of the world river in a previous kalpa.[3]

This is apparently possible because the Leaper Demon King hides parts of the world from Alduin each cycle, which are then stuck into the world by the Greedy Man, who is likely to be Lorkhan.[4][UL 2]

Few Tamrielic faiths directly reference kalpas. The best example is the Yokudan creation myth saying that Satak sheds its skin to create a new world, and spirits ultimately learn to travel between worldskins, avoiding the destruction of the world through the creation of the Walkabout, a way of "moving at strange angles" to stride between worldskins.[5][6] However, this may not be a reference to kalpas as such, as Sep created the current world out of a collection of old ones, rather than it beginning anew.[5] This implies an end to the cycle, in the same way that Anu's creation of Nirn from the Twelve Worlds is not a continuation but a change.[7] As such, this may not be a definite example of kalpas being present in Tamrielic religion.


  • "Kalpa" is a Sanskrit term for eon, and has specific meanings (and different lengths) in Hinduism and Buddhism.


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