"I'm no one special, just a miner who swings a pickaxe for his drinking money."


Karl is an elderly Nord miner found in Dawnstar. He is involved with a Miscellaneous Quest which can lead to the Thane title being given to the Dragonborn.


Karl can be found working the Smelter at the Iron-Breaker Mine, and drinking outside the Windpeak Inn at night.


Quest all Drunks HaveEdit

Like all drunks, Karl can be given an alcoholic beverage, in which he will act positively towards the Dragonborn afterward.


Beitild: "Keep at it. We need to work twice as hard now that fat-headed Leigelf has declared war!"
Karl: "We're at war with Leigelf? Isn't he your husband?"
Beitild: "No he isn't! He's the enemy, and we are going to crush him."

Karl: "Drafted into a war, how could my life get worse?"

Beitild: "Work hard, now! The pride of Iron-Breaker Mine is on the line."
Karl: "Pride of the what? This isn't the Legion, boss. We're miners, not soldiers."
Beitild: "You'll shut your mouth and get back to work, or you won't be a miner or a soldier by the day's end. Hear me?"
Karl: "Uh, yes ma'am."


  • "Can't sleep no matter how much drink I put in me."
  • "I'm no one special, just a miner who swings a pickaxe for his drinking money."
  • "Beitild thinks I drink on the job. Well, what does it matter if I do? Huh?"
  • "Gods strike you down." (After killing Beitild)


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  •  360   If he is killed, he may reappear in Dawnstar later on, acting as if nothing had happened.


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