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Karstaag is a creature found in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. He has high health and is highly resistant to frost magic and the largest creature found on Solstheim.


He is a unique Frost Giant, who originally dwelt in Castle Karstaag, on Solstheim, with his serving tribe of Rieklings. He and the Skaal tribe have lived in peace for many years.[1] During the events of Bloodmoon, the Skaal have not heard from the giant for some time. It is revealed during the main quest that Karstaag was captured by Hircine for his hunt.


Hircine's HuntEdit

The Nerevarine encounters Karstaag in the Huntsman's Hall, deep within the Mortrag Glacier. Only one of them will survive Hircine's game.


Karstaag has the following abilities:




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