Karthspire Camp is located east of Markarth in The Reach, and is nestled deep within the Karth River valley overlooked by Red Eagle's throne on the Sundered Towers, which can be seen directly below Red Eagle Redoubt. Across the river to the west is Karthspire, a cavern housing secrets only the Dragonborn can unlock.

The camp appears to be a staging area for local Forsworn who have also allied themselves with a Hagraven. It is divided into three areas. The lower area has three tents on wooden platforms that bridge the river. From there, directly ahead, up a small valley, is the Hagraven's alcove with an altar with a dead giant, and a tent with an alchemy lab and two apothecary's satchels. To the right is a two tiered elevated stone area with a smithing area and a chest. The camp has a nearly complete Smithing area, lacking only a smelter.



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  • Once the quest Alduin's Wall has started, the enemies here will be considerably more powerful.
  • It is easier to clear it right before that quest, as Delphine and Esbern will help.
  • The surrounding area has a very high dragon spawn rate, especially when fast traveling to the camp. An easy way to clear the camp is to allow a dragon to kill the Forsworn, or vice versa.


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