"The ones you are looking for are Emul-Ran and Kashtes Ilabael. They are outcasts, belonging to none of our tribes"
Urshamusa Rapli[src]

Kashtes Ilabael is a Dunmer Hunter who resides in the Grazelands of Morrowind.


Girith's Stolen HidesEdit

Kashtes and his friend Emul-Ran stole some Guar hides from Athanden Girith and are hiding in a camp south of the Ahemmusa Camp. Girith asks the Nerevarine to retrieve his guar hides for him.



attack on a guar hide trader "We have the hides, [PC Race], and we shall keep them. You have made a mistake coming here, for we cannot allow you to leave. Offer what prayers you may, for your time is over."


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