Not to be confused with Kastav Kvinchal.

Emperor Kastav (?–1E 2812) was the Emperor of the Reman Empire following the reign of Emperor Reman Cyrodiil I. Kastav was considered to be a poor commander and an incompetent ruler, resulting in his deposition and succession by Reman Cyrodiil II.[1]


With Reman Cyrodiil's death in 1E 2762,[2] Kastav was at some point crowned Emperor. In the year 1E 2801, Kastav ordered the Dragonguard of Skyrim to seize hostages from Markarth and Hroldan to ensure that the Jarls "meet their conscription quotas." The Master of the Dragonguard at that time protested against this but his protest was denied by the Emperor. The hostages were housed and trained. Later, in 1E 2804, Emperor Kastav ordered the Dragonguard to suppress the Winterhold Rebellion but the Master refused to do so. In response, the Kastav ordered for their supplies to be cut off. In 1E 2805, Sky Haven Temple was besieged and the city of Winterhold was sacked by a failed Dragonguard recruit named Kalien.[3]

Having been declared too incompetent to rule the Empire, Kastav was deposed and succeeded by Reman Cyrodiil II.[1] In 1E 2806, Sky Haven Temple learned that Reman II was crowned after the siege was lifted, and the new Emperor ordered for the siege to end when he was crowned.[3] He died in Murkmire in the year 1E 2812.[4]


Emperor of Cyrodiil
Reman Cyrodiil 1E 2762–1E 280? Reman Cyrodiil II
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