Katarina's Ornamental Ring is a piece of ornamental jewelry in a set of four needed to complete Daedric Relic, a quest at the College of Winterhold. It can be found in the Investigators Chest in the Arcanaeum.


At the Midden Dark the ring is used, with the other three, to release the Daedra Velehk Sain. In order to summon Velehk Sain, the rings must be placed in the following order: Little Finger: Pithi's Ring, Ring Finger: Balwen's Ring, Middle Finger: Treoy's Ring, Index Finger: Katarina's Ring.

He wants to be released from his prison. The two choices are:

  1. Release him and receive the whereabouts of his treasure.
  2. Attempt to banish him to Oblivion, which makes him retaliate violently.



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