Katla's Farm is a farm in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Katla will buy excess produce from the Dragonborn.

It is also the location of the Solitude Stables. Geimund offers Palomino-type horses for the standard 1,000 GoldIcon.

If Hearthfire is installed an orphan boy named Blaise will live here.


Animal ExterminationEdit

Katla's Farm is one of several locations that the Dragonborn can be sent to during the quest "Animal Extermination." It requires the Dragonborn to kill an animal that has broken into the farm's household. The door to Katla's Farm may need to be unlocked, and a bounty may be received for attempting to do so.

Diplomatic ImmunityEdit

This is also where the Dragonborn meets Delphine in the main quest mission "Diplomatic Immunity" before going to the Thalmor Embassy.

Notable itemsEdit

Alchemical ingredientsEdit






  • Katla pronounces Geimund's name with an "A" sound; however, Geimund's son pronounces it with an "ei" as it is spelled.


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