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Katria is a Nord ghost encountered during the quest "Lost to the Ages" in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.


She was an adventurer who discovered Arkngthamz and who later discovers the Aetherium Forge with the Dragonborn. She kept a journal and was the owner of the bow Zephyr.

Katria entered the ruins of Arkngthamz in hopes of finding a way to prove that her former student, Taron Dreth, stole her work and published it as his own in the book, The Aetherium Wars. She hoped that finding the forge and crafting something from it would prove that Taron was a fraud. During her journey into the ruins, she was unable to reach her goal, setting off a trap that caused a massive earthquake. As she tried to escape, the ground opened up underneath her and she fell to her death.


Lost to the Ages[]

After finding a copy of The Aetherium Wars and reading it, a miscellaneous task of traveling to Arkngthamz in The Reach will appear in the Quest Log.


Katria normally follows the Dragonborn sporadically throughout the quest "Lost To The Ages." She makes brief appearances at each shard location found and helps mainly during the initial and latter parts of the quest.


Show: Lost to the Ages

"Please, turn back... before it's too late..."

Near the site of her corpse:

"(Sigh)... What are you still doing here? Let me guess. You're here for the treasure, aren't you? Just like all the others."

Who are you? "The name's Katria. I am - was - an adventurer. Raided ruins like this for nigh on twenty years. I was on the trail of something big. It led me here, and... I didn't make it."
Your name sounds familiar... "Oh. You read the book, didn't you? "The Aetherium Wars"? That was my theory, you know. My research. My life's work. All of it, lost! Stolen by my own damn apprentice! That's how I ended up here. I can't rest. Not until I find the Forge, until I can prove that it was my discovery. Mine, not his!"
What treasure? (Or "You mentioned a treasure?") "It's a long story. You ever heard of Aetherium? A rare mineral used by the dwarves. Supposedly, they had to build a special forge, the Aetherium Forge, to even work with it. The items it made were so powerful they went to war over it, and the Forge was lost. Or so the story goes."
And that story led you here? "I spent my life tracking down that legend... until my damn apprentice stole everything from me, and published it all under his own name. And now... now I can't rest. Not until I have proof. Something to show the world what I discovered, what I did. That my life... mattered."
"But... it's hopeless. I died here, just like all the others. Turn back. Turn back before you become the next victim."
I can handle myself. (Persuade)
"Hmph... maybe so. Then again, I thought I could, too." (Sucess)
"Sure, that's what they all say." (Fail)
I won't give up that easily.
"I'm not going to talk you out of it, am I? I know, I know. I was just like you, once. Well, if you want to reach the summit, you're going to need some help. You... want a hand?"
Sure. "All right. Lead on, then."
No thanks.
Get out of my way. "It's your funeral."

If approached again:


What happened to this place? "It wasn't always like this. Best-preserved dwarven city I'd ever laid eyes on. And then... the earthquake hit. Now... you'd be lucky to find a single room intact."
Any dangers I should be aware of? "Well, there's the Falmer, to start with. Deadly rapids. Major earthquakes. Massive chasms. Unstable ground. Lethal falls. And then you get to the real danger. We can discuss that when the time comes. If it comes."
How did you die? "I... fell. When the earthquake hit. The ground just... opened up. Even so, I almost made it... another foot or two to the side, and the water would have broken my fall. But... nothing I could do."

When approaching the treasury:

"Hold up... we need to talk. I mentioned that there was one more danger. Here it is. You know what this is? It's a lock. A 'Tonal Lock'. Simple, and very, very deadly. See the Resonators up there? Strike them in the right order, and the doors should open. Get it wrong, and... well. You've seen what happened when I tried it."

You mean... the earthquake? "...Yeah. I thought I was prepared for anything. How can you prepare for a damned earthquake? And that was just one trap! Look around! Who knows what else this thing is capable of?"
Any advice?
"Hmm... well, you can pick up where I left off. My notes should still be in my journal, if you can read it. Beyond that... well, maybe one of our predecessors still has a clue." (With the journal)
"Well, my notes were in my journal, but you didn't grab that, did you? Hmph." (Without the journal)

After picking up the Aetherium Shard:

"So, it is real..."

What? What is this? "Let me see it. ...Huh... Look on the edge here. This has been cut, precisely cut. If you had another piece, about the same size, it would... it would snap right in. I saw a drawing of this once. This shard... it's... it's part of a key. A key made of pure aetherium! The key to the forge!"
So... what now? "We have to find the other pieces, of course. There should be, hmm... three more. One for each of the cities that worked on the Forge. I had a map in my journal. That's where we should start."
I have two of the other shards already. "Really? Well, now, that makes things easier..."
Then what? "We still have to find the Forge itself. I had a lead on that, too. There's so much to do. I'm going to head out and start tracking things down. We'll meet again, I'm sure of it. For the first time in a long while, I think I - we - may actually be able to do this. And... and I owe it all to you. Thank you."

At Mzulft:

"There you are. Give me a hand with this door, would you?"
"Could you get this for me? I don't exactly have a lockpick..."

After picking the lock:

"Well, go on, take it!"

After taking the shard:

"Thanks again for all your help. That's the last one, isn't it? It's... it's almost time. I'll meet you at the Forge!"

At the Ruins of Bthalft:

"You made it! And you've brought the shards!"

Yes, I have them. What now? "Look at the device here - the gear in the center is just about the right size. Try putting the shards in and... we'll see what happens."

If approached again:

"Go ahead, give it a try."

After placing the shards:

"Hmmm... What the... get back! Hurry!"
"Come on!"
"Woah... It's... it's true. It's all true! Come on, let's check it out!"
"Don't just stand there! Come on!"

Inside the Aetherium Forge:

"That took longer than usual. How deep are we?"
"What is it?"

What do you make of all this? "I can hardly believe it. This is it. We've actually found the Forge! At last!"
What do you think of this place? "It feels... old, doesn't it? Even by dwarven standards. No one has been here in thousands of years."

While advancing through the Forge:

"Amazing... To think... no one's been here in four thousand years..."
"The air here... it feels different. Almost like..."
"Is that... the Forge?"
"Gah... let's clear out this steam so we can take a look."

After shutting off the steam:

"Damn! What the..."
"Spiders? All right, we can handle this. Come on!"
"What now? Oh, gods..."

After defeating The Forgemaster:

"I... I almost can't believe it. We did it! We actually did it! There's only one thing left to do. We have to prove this actually works. That this is the real Aetherium Forge."

How do we do that? "By forging something, of course! Go ahead. After everything you've done, you should do the honors."
Forge something? With what? "There isn't any Aetherium here, is there? Damn it! Wait!... Yes, yes there is. The shards we collected... they're pure Aetherium, remember? It's not much, but it'll do. With them, and the materials in this room, we should have everything we need."
Do you think there's more Aetherium somewhere? "I don't know. I honestly don't know. After all these years, it's a miracle even this much survived. Make it count. This may be the only chance we ever get to use the Forge."

After forging an item:

"Beautiful. That crown (Or "shield" or "staff")... It's everything I could have hoped for. And with that... it's done. No one could possibly deny what we've found now."

What now? "For me? I've done what I set out to do. But you... take that out into the world. And if anyone asks, tell them what we discovered. Together."
Is there any more Aetherium? "I don't know. I honestly don't know. After all these years, it's a miracle even this much survived."
Congratulations. And... thanks, Katria. "I've waited so long for this moment. We found it. At last. And now... I think I can rest. Farewell, my friend, wherever your travels take you."


  • "...this is where I ended up. It was... quite the fall. Grab my journal, would you? We're going to need it." – Upon approaching her body
  • "Hey! Journal?" – If walking past her body
  • "Really? You had to take the armor? Come on, leave me with a little dignity..." – If her armor is taken
  • "Watch yourself. Since the quake, this place has been pretty unstable."
  • "Watch out!" – In combat
  • "This one's mine!" – In combat
  • "Die!" – In combat
  • "See that thing? Dwarves call them 'Kinetic Resonators'. Don't see them very often, least not among the clans in Skyrim. Just hit them, and they'll do... whatever it is they're supposed to do." – At the room with the Kinetic Resonator
  • "Falmer up ahead. Damn things are like flies. No matter how many you kill..."
  • "Quite a place, huh? Was even more impressive before it all fell to pieces" – At the waterfall
  • "Look, there's a chest in there. Door's sealed up tight though..."
  • "Here's where I fell. Feels like ages ago. Hey there's my bow! There, out on the log. Wondered what happened to it."
  • "Take good care of it for me." – After taking Zephyr
  • "Here we go..." – At the Resonator room
  • "Oh gods..." – Upon hitting the wrong Resonator
  • "Look out!" – Upon hitting the wrong Resonator
  • "Damn it, not again!" – Upon hitting the wrong Resonator
  • "Not again!" – Upon hitting the wrong Resonator
  • "Good..." – Upon hitting the correct Resonator
  • "All right..." – Upon hitting the correct Resonator
  • "That's it..." – Upon hitting the correct Resonator
  • "Keep going..." – Upon hitting the correct Resonator
  • "Almost..." – Upon hitting the correct Resonator
  • "So close..." – Upon hitting the correct Resonator
  • "Got it!" – Upon hitting all correct Resonators
  • "So this is it..." – Upon entering the room with the Aetherium Shard
  • "Well don't just stand there!" – If spoken to before retrieving the Aetherium Shard


  • Unlike other ghosts, Katria's is detectable with the Detect Life spell and is invisible to the Detect Dead spell. She also responds to healing magic as a living creature would.
  • If her ghost is "killed" by the player, she quickly reappears and sarcastically asks the Dragonborn if it made them feel any better.
  • While Katria's corpse has two steel daggers on it, her ghost uses two Skyforge steel daggers.
  • Despite being the ghost of a Nord, Katria cannot be found in Sovngarde during the main questline.
  • If the Dragonborn casts Courage on Katria, her body will turn corporeal until the effect wears off, at which point she will regain her ghostly effect. She does, however, retain her ghostly glow for the spell's duration.
  • She has a unique class of the same name.
  • Katria can be exploited to become a full-time follower. Shortly after entering the ruins, Katria will appear and begin a conversation. You have the option at this point to upgrade her equipment. If you want to upgrade/change the equipment then immediately cancel out of the conversation then stun her with Frost damage or Paralyze, as she walks away. Note that it is not possible to change her bow. Continue or restart the conversation with her to continue the quest. Once you reach the Tonal Lock, wait until she initiates another conversation. Continue through the conversation then immediately leave towards the entrance by going into the waterway tunnel to the left of the Tonal Lock. Once you reach outside she will be locked in as a quest follower.
  • It is impossible to reanimate her corpse.


This section contains bugs related to Katria. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  /  XB1  ,  PS3  /  PS4  ,  PC  /  MAC  ,  NX  /  PS5  ,  XS  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
  3. Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person anecdotes: such discussions belong on the appropriate forum board.
  •  PS4   It is possible for Katria to appear human instead of her being a ghost.
  •  360   It is possible to pickpocket her just before she talks to the Dragonborn, causing her to turn hostile and attack. One should be aware that, while hostile, she is immortal and cannot be killed. Thus, the quest she gives may not be able to be completed. Leaving and re-entering the location will render "killable," fixing the glitch. However, pickpocketing her after rejecting her offer to join forces makes her "killable," however, she will still respawn and continue to attack.
  • Her corpse may not have her journal on it.
  • If the Player returns to the entrance of Arkngthamz while Katria is following the Player for her questline, without triggering her reaction to stay and wait for your return (walking back through the initial hallway from which you came) using unethical means, (console or on 360 and ps3, using a plate/bowl/platter to clip through a wall and teleport back to the start of Arkngthamz while she is still following the player) she will follow the Dragonborn (like she does in the quest) outside of the quest area, everywhere the Dragonborn goes, and will act as if the Dragonborn is still progressing through her questling. She is incredibly useful as she does not count as a follower, so the Dragonborn can have her and another follower at the same time (although that means follower commands, and trading items are not possible with Katria), she can be shot with a more powerful arrow then she has currently equipped and will equip that arrow in place of her own, and counts as essential, so she will never die. If the Player wants Katria to leave the Dragonborn, they would have to travel back to Arkngthamz until the trigger is hit for Katria to leave the Dragonborn and wait for his/her return.
  • If one fast-travels away from the Ruins of Bthalft prior to unlocking it but then fast-travels back Katria may temporarily take on a corporeal appearance with a blue ghostly effect surrounding her.