"The ashkhan of the Zainab, Kaushad, is a strong and popular chief, but he is known to be vain and hard-headed."
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Kaushad is a Dunmer Champion living in Zainab Camp, in Morrowind. As a member of the Ashlanders faction, he is the Ashkhan, the leader of the tribe, and is responsible for giving the "Zainab Nerevarine" quest. This involves him first telling the Nerevarine to kill Calvario in Nerano Ancestral Tomb, but later, requesting that they find Kaushad a suitable wife.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Meeting with a Wise Woman[edit | edit source]

The Zainab tribe's Wise Woman, Sonummu Zabamat, will only talk to the Argonian if Ashkhan Kaushad approves the meeting.

Zainab Nerevarine[edit | edit source]

Persuade the Zainab Tribe to recognize the Nerevarine.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: General dialogue

"Welcome, outlander. The hospitality of the open-handed Zainab is always open to travelers."

hospitality "Travelers are always welcome here, outlander. All that is required is that you speak and act with courtesy, and you share your news of the outside world to pay for your hospitality, for a wise chief keeps himself informed about events."
news "Thank you for sharing these tales and rumors. For our part, we have little news. We hear other tribes are troubled by blight storms and monsters. But we are the mighty Zainab, and such things do not bother us."
my trade "I do not like to boast, but my people call me a champion, a noble warrior of the Ashlanders. I have the duty of protecting the honor of the tribe in peace and war."

If a member of the Zainab is killed:

"You have slain one of my tribe. You must pay with your life."

Show: Meeting with a Wise Woman

arrange a meeting "Will this Argonian make the Telvanni deal with us fairly? Will this Argonian make the Empire give us better prices so that we can feed our people? Will this Argonian give us a place on the Council? Will this Argonian kill the blighted creatures and the outlaws that plague out village? Then we have no time for this Argonian."

Show: Zainab Nerevarine

"So. You are Nerevarine (Player name). The outlander who claims to fulfill the Nerevarine prophecies. You are welcome to our hospitality, outlander. But you must tell us... how can an outlander be the Nerevarine?"

Nerevarine prophecies "Yes. We know of the prophecies. We know there are many prophecies, all of them mysterious and obscure. Our wise woman, Sonummu Zabamat, has told her chief all about these prophecies, and given her interpretations. 'A certain day to uncertain parents.' 'The Curse-of-Flesh before him flies.' 'In caverns dark Azura's eye sees, and makes to shine the moon and star.' Standard prophet-talk. Voices and verses. Very interesting. But... true? Who can tell."
exquisite shoes (Only available if asked for counsel from the wise woman) "Thank you. These remarkable shoes are... very fancy. Too fancy for a simple Ashlander like myself, But I thank you very much for the gift. It was very thoughtful."
exquisite shoes "Yes. They are quite splendid aren't they. Of course... they were a gift. I wear them out of courtesy, [PC Name]. Not out of vanity. I am not a vain man."
Nerevarine "We have heard the rumors. We know you to be the outlander who claims to fulfill the Nerevarine prophecies. But how could an outlander be the Nerevarine? You must admit... that just sounds silly. You seem pleasant enough, and strong and healthy for an outlander. But excuse me if I'm not disposed to take your demands seriously."
Nerevarine (If disposition is at least 70) "We have heard the rumors. We know you to be the outlander who claims to fulfill the Nerevarine prophecies. But teach us, Nerevarine (Player name)... how could an outlander be the Nerevarine?"
Politely steer the conversation away from the topic "Very well. We understand. We do not wish to embarrass a guest. But we think it strange that you will not speak openly with us about this."
Tell your story, show your proofs, and ask to be named Nerevarine. "Ho, ho! Excuse me. Do not think me rude. But seriously. Do you believe this story yourself? I mean no offense, but you must admit, you are an outlander, and completely ignorant of our ways. How could you ever be our war leader? What sensible ashkhan would ever choose you to lead the tribes? Ho, ho."
Persuade Kaushad that you are the one. "Skies above! If talk were wealth, you'd make me rich. Don't you ever get tired of talking?"
Ask Kaushad to set you a task. "Very well. A vampire named Calvario has taken refuge in nearby Nerano Ancestral Tomb. If you are as worthy as you say you are, it should be a small matter for you to dispose of this vampire. There. You have your task. Now perhaps you would leave me in peace for a bit?"
Calvario "He's a vampire. A young one, but quite dangerous, of course. As I'm sure an adventurer of your wide experience would know. Probably driven out of his lair by older, more powerful vampires. I would never offer advice to someone of your reputation. But perhaps a visit to the potionmakers and enchanters of Tel Vos and Tel Mora might be in order. I don't use them myself, but they say potions and scrolls can be quite handy in a tight spot."
Nerano Ancestral Tomb "Nerano Ancestral Tomb is to the north. But you are a stranger, and may get lost. Listen. Go west from our camp until you reach the mountains, then turn north and follow the mountains, keeping them on your left. When you pass the ruins of Nchuleft, keep your eyes to the east, looking for an entrance flanked by two trees on the western slope of a hill in the center of the Grazelands. That will be Nerano Ancestral Tomb."
Nerevarine "Have you taken care of this vampire Calvario? No? Really? Did you forget our little talk? You asked me to set you a task, and I suggested you might go kill the vampire Calvario in nearby Nerano Ancestral Tomb. Sun and wind, man! How can you be so forgetful? Is THAT the mark of a great war leader?"
vampires "Vampires are monsters that feed on humanoid blood. Once they were human like you and me, but they get the blood disease from another vampire, and they become vampires themselves. That's why they still exist. Everyone hates them, yet no one wants to come near one. But doesn't prophecy say the Nerevarine has nothing to fear from disease? So you have nothing to worry about, I'm sure."

Upon killing the vampire:

"I underestimated you, outlander. Indeed, you have proved yourself worthy to be named Nerevarine by the Ashkhan of the Zainab."

Calvario "Dead. Well, then. Perhaps I was mistaken. Perhaps you should be the Nerevarine."
Calvario "Yes. Dead. You told me. My hearing is quite good. And my memory."
Nerevarine "Well. So you killed the vampire Calvario? Ahem. Well. I will be happy to acknowledge you as Zainab Nerevarine. But... it is customary for one seeking an honor from the Ashkhan to offer the Ashkhan a generous gift as a mark of respect. Because you are an outlander, and do not know our customs, I will do you the great favor of naming the gift I wish to receive -- a high-born Telvanni bride -- a pretty one, plump, with big hips to bring me many sons."
"Where will you find a high-born Telvanni bride? That is simple. You should visit high-born Telvanni lords and inform them that Ashkhan Kaushad of the Lordly Zainab would do them the honor of making their daughter his bride. Surely many Telvanni lords would be honored to receive such an offer. Consider carefully the many daughters offered and choose for me the finest. Take counsel with my wise woman, Sonummu Zabamat. She knows my mind well in such matters."

If approached again:

"Greetings, outlander. Have you returned with my Telvanni bride?"

Nerevarine "When I have my high-born Telvanni bride, then I shall name you Nerevarine."
Telvanni bride "There are preparations to make for my marriage, but everything will be ready when you return with my high-born Telvanni bride."
Telvanni bride (After Falura Llervu enters the yurt) "This is my new bride? I am very pleased with your gift, [PC Name]... though she is not so generous in the hips as I would like. I promise to make her a happy bride, and to do her honor as a high-born Telvanni lady. And, as I have said, I will now name you Zainab Nerevarine, War Leader of the Zainab, and Protector of the People. I must also give you the Zainab Thong, an enchanted heirloom of the tribe, which shall be a sign to all Dunmer that the Zainab have named you Nerevarine."

If approached again:

"Welcome, Nerevarine. We are pleased to see you."

Nerevarine "Yes, I have named you Zainab Nerevarine. And we will listen with interest for tales of your exploits, Nerevarine (Player name)."
Nerevarine (Upon completion of the main quest) "Well, Nerevarine (Player name), now you are a great hero, and I am very proud of the part I played in making you what you have become. So thank you for all you have done. And thank you especially for my bride. Isn't she wonderful?"
Telvanni bride "I have named you Zainab Nerevarine and given you the Zainab Thong."
Telvanni bride (After speaking again to Falura Llervu) "[whispering] Psst! Outlander! Do not think me such a fool. Of course I realize you have tricked me. I do not mind. In fact, I think you are very clever to hoodwink the chief of the Zainab, and I think that maybe a clever Nerevarine is not such a bad thing at all. Besides, now I am MUCH happier with this fine young woman than I would have been with a stuck-up Telvanni lady. And here is a little gift. From me. Perhaps when you wear it, you will think of Falura Llervu and me."
Telvanni bride "Indeed, she is charming, outlander. Thank you again."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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