"Hey! Wanna play tag?"


Kayd is a Redguard child who can often be found running around with Minette Vinius and Svari in Solitude. He is the son of the Nord blacksmith Beirand and the Redguard Sayma, the owner of Bits and Pieces.


Bound Until Death

"I heard Vittoria Vici is the Emperor's cousin. I wish he came to the wedding. I never saw a real live Emperor before."

Having a good time? "Not really. It's just a bunch of elder standing around, looking important. I wish something exciting would happen."


At work

Sayma: "Sure has been quiet around the shop lately." or "We hardly ever get new customers anymore."
Sayma: "Not that I mind the break, of course. But, still..." or "I suppose in wartime, people aren't looking to part with their old junk..."
Beirand: "We'll make it through, dear. We always do." or "It's okay, dear. More work than ever down at the blacksmith."
(Or) Kayd "Who needs customers and their old junk?" or "Father oughtta punch them in the mouth! That'd get people in here!"


  • "I thought adventurers were supposed to look tough?"
  • "I bet my papa could beat you up."
  • "I get to help mother with the shop. I used to help papa too... 'till I tried to use the forge..."
  • "When my aunt got married, they had a cake that was three feet tall. I got really sick that day." ― During "Bound Until Death"
  • "This wedding is boring. I wish they had jugglers." ― During "Bound Until Death"
  • "What's going on? Why would somebody do that?" ― After murdering Vittoria Vici


  • An easy way to win the game of tag against him is to enter the Castle Dour courtyard, as NPCs cannot enter that area.
  • Kayd poses a detection threat to a Dragonborn attempting the quest "Bound Until Death," if one chooses to shoot Vittoria Vici from the back of the area, as he would often turn around and talk to them, witnessing the crime in the process.
  • If his father is slain by the Dragonborn, Kayd will have all of his existing dialogue replaced with, "Go away."
  • As with all Redguard children, Kayd is actually an Imperial child with a darker skin tone.


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