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Boneyard Keepers are creatures that appear in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. They can only be encountered in the Soul Cairn during Beyond Death.


They are much taller than the Dragonborn and wear sets of dragonplate armor, minus the helm. They have no heads, save for a pair of glowing blue eyes set within a cloud of black smoke. They typically wield different types of dragonbone weapons, such as maces, battleaxes or bows.


Beyond Death

Upon meeting Valerica, she asks the Dragonborn to kill three Keepers dotted around the Soul Cairn. Once they are killed, it will release the magical barrier that is keeping her imprisoned.

The first can be found atop a large floating tower located to the right of the prison. The second is found south of the last keeper in an open ruin and the last is found within the courtyard of a medium sized fort south of the prison. Once all three are killed, they do not respawn.

Notable items

They usually carry a filled black soul gem that the Dragonborn can take from their ashes upon death; However, if the Dragonborn is at a high enough level (46+), their dragonbone weapons may be lootable.


  • Template:PcIt is possible that the Keepers' armor is the root of a bug which causes crashing within a small distance of the Keeper spires. The Unofficial Dawnguard Patch ( will fix this issue.
  • Template:PcIt is possible for the Keeper to do the giant bug. Once defeated the Keeper shoots into the air without returning, causing it to become impossible to loot the Keeper. Discovered while watching VanSchmoozin Twitch, Source for bug unknown.



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