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|image = [[File:Keerava.png|250px]]
|image = [[File:Keerava.png|250px]]
|race = [[Argonian (Skyrim)|Argonian]]
|race = [[Argonian (Skyrim)|Argonian]]

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"I can't stand this city, It's impossible to make a decent living here."

Keerava is an Argonian innkeeper in Riften.


Keerava is the innkeeper of the Bee and Barb located in Riften, and she is normally very welcoming to most customers. Outside of Skyrim, her family owns and runs a farm in Morrowind.

Keerava works with her love interest Talen-Jei, who regularly serves their patrons. He expresses his affection for her and pursues the making of her wedding ring.


Taking Care of Business

She is the target for the Thieves Guild quest "Taking Care of Business".

If the Dragonborn comes back after taking the debt off Keerava for the aforementioned quest, Talen-Jei will dislike the Dragonborn and express his dislike for their actions against Keerava. He also expresses his love of Keerava to the Dragonborn and asks them to complete his special wedding ring to propose to her, which results in a miscellaneous quest.


  • "If you've got the coin, you're welcome here. Otherwise, hit the road."
  • "What can I get you? Mead? Wine?"
  • "Looking for a place to stay?"


  • Killing Talen-Jei will result in her discovering his body and saying "by the gods this can't be happening!" She will then run outside and later return to The Bee and Barb and sit in the counter. If approached she will say "not now."
  • If you choose to give her  the "Warmth of Mara", she will tell the player she believes only in the "Good ol' Septim", referring to the Imperial currency.


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  •  PC  She sends hired thugs (PC, no thugs for patch 1.4 and possibly patch 1.3) after the Dragonborn if "Taking Care of Business" has been completed.


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