Kelmen Locke is a drunkard Breton conjurer and a former member of the Mages Guild held hostage by the Greycloak Mercenaries in Haddock's Market.

After he is freed, he takes up refuge at the Star-Gazers' Observatory in Belkarth and helps in the efforts alongside Titus Valerius and Hara against the Serpent and the Scaled Court.


Elemental ArmyEdit

In an attempt to investigate why the atronachs of the mages from Craglorn went rogue, the Thief searches for Kelmen Locke. He is found deep within Haddock's Market. After defeating all three atronachs, Kelmen can be found at the ritual site east of Elinhir, where he summons and speaks to them to gain more information.

The Missing GuardianEdit

Kelmen and Titus meet the Vestige at the lake near Belkarth. After activating the four stones, a whirlpool appears that leads to Reinhold's Retreat. The trio finds Hara and the Serpent deep within the ruins.

Dawn of the Exalted ViperEdit

The Thief performs a ritual in the Howling Sepulchers, showing that Kelmen went to Upper Craglorn to try and stop his former colleague Cassipia. He attempts to reason with her. As that fails, he then attacks. Cassipia kills him in a flash of lightning and blue flame.


Kelmen uses these in combat as a follower during "The Missing Guardian:"

  • Hand of flame - line of flame that emanates from caster
  • [?]


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