Kemaz is a Redguard found in Wrothgar. He was a part of a cavaran moving towards the city of Orsinium.


Kemaz can be first met just if front of the Merchant's Gate. His caravan has been ambushed and he's looking for help.

"You there ... we need help. Our caravan ... they came out of nowhere. Attacked us, stole our cargo. The Orcs need those supplies!"

Who attacked your caravan? "The Winterborn, from the Reach. They ambushed us ... leaped out of the damn snow. It's like they knew we were coming. After that it was all a blur. By the gods, they turned people into ice! They shattered them!"
What was your caravan carrying? "We were taking food and supplies of Orsinium. Once there, everything was supposed to be distributed to the outlying clans to help them make it through the winter. Without those supplies, many Orcs will die. I don't want to be responsible for that."
I'll help you recover the supplies. "The remains of the caravan and the surviving members of the crew are just down the road. I don't know where the marauders took the stolen cargo, but maybe someone in the crew saw where they went."
So not everyone traveling with the caravan was killed? "No, not all of us. We had a number of warriors among the crew, hired to keep guard. But we were no match for the Winterborn marauders. Some of the traders, though. They raced after them. Those supplies, their clans need them to survive the winter."
The traders went after the supplies on their own? "We were going to help them, but an Orc patrol showed up. Some chieftain named Bazrag told us to stay out of the way. The Orcs went after the marauders, but they haven't come back yet. Someone's got to save the traders and recover those supplies."


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