Kemen can be given to the Hero as a map location at Borba's Goods and Stores by Borba gra-Uzgash in the city of Cheydinhal. Nestled in the Valus Mountains, Kemen is an Ayleid ruin located to the east of the city.

Clouded Funnel Cap and a Tinder Polypore Cap (located just a few paces north of the entrance) are scattered around the ruins in small numbers but, no other significant plants are in the immediate vicinity.


The ruin has two levels and a few traps, such as a falling blades trap and a gas trap. There are several Ayleid chests and casks scattered around the ruin with minor loot, mostly GoldIcon and potions, but also leveled chests with leveled items.

When leaving the ruin one has to go through the second level and back and also pass through the blades trap again unless one wants to jump down to the floor and then bypass it this way to reach the exit, as there is no staircase leading to the walkway to the door to Cyrodiil.


  • Kemen
  • Kemen Varlasel / Hall of Stars

Notable itemsEdit


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