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The Kendhall Book of Riddles was written by Kendhall.


Page 1Edit

Loadbearer, Warrior

Spirited, Brave

Fleet-foot, Ironshod

Faithful One, Slave

Answer: Horse

Page 2Edit

I rise above the roofs below

Finger up-raised to heaven.

I speak in clear tones

That aim for others

To gather where I call.

Answer: Bell Tower

Page 3Edit

Some live in me, some live on,

And some shave me to stride upon.

I rarely leave my native land.

Until my death I always stand.

High and low I may be found

Both above and under ground.

Answer: Tree

Page 4Edit

Armor bright

Gleaming white

A single rank

Their faces blank

Now hid by night

Now bold by light

Bright red the land

Where soldiers stand

Answer: Teeth


  • There is additional comment in this book:

[[Among the hundreds of riddles in this weighty tome, THE KENDHALL BOOK OF RIDDLES, four have been marked with scraps of paper:]]


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