Kesh the Clean is a Khajiit and a lone worshiper at the Shrine to Peryite.


He offers help to the Dragonborn in order to commune with the Daedric Prince Peryite, by giving him a list of ingredients and materials needed for a summoning ritual in the quest "The Only Cure." Despite being a worshiper of Peryite, Kesh does not seem to be one of the Afflicted. He claims to possess adequate skill in Alchemy. Kesh's apparel consists of miner's clothes, boots, and an Alik'r hood.


The Only CureEdit

Kesh offers the Dragonborn help in communing with Peryite. He asks them to acquire a deathbell flower, flawless ruby, silver ingot, and some vampire dust.


  • Unlike most other characters bound to a quest, Kesh is not essential, meaning he can be killed, but only by the Dragonborn.
  • If Kesh is killed, the quest can still be activated by traveling to the large Dwemer pot at the Shrine to Peryite with the ingredients the quest requires (see walkthrough). If the Dragonborn accidentally kills him, the quest will not be failed. The Dragonborn can still complete the quest and obtain Spellbreaker and Oblivion Walker achievement.
  • If Kesh is killed before initiating the quest, the only way to start the quest will be to find the afflicted random encounter.


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  •  PS3   After first initiating conversation with Kesh, he may only use his default dialogue and not offer the quest. This can be fixed by loading a save from before discovering the shrine.


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