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The following is a list of all keys that can be found in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal.

Name Location Opens Notes ID
A worn key Ovis Velas Velas Manor Acquired during the quest "The Summoner" key_velas
Dwemer key Bamz-Amschend, Hall of Wails
Bamz-Amschend, Passage of Whispers
Bamz-Amschend, Radac's Forge
Door in Bamz-Amschend, Radac's Forge
Gatekeeper's Key Old Mournhold: Teran Hall in the Gatekeeper's Chest Door in Old Mournhold, between City Gate and Residential Ruins Key_Gatekeeper
Indalen's Key Does not appear in game Abaelun Mine Only appears in the The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Construction Set key_Indalen
Rusty Dwemer Key Bamz-Amschend, Hall of Wails Ornate Dwemer Chest in Bamz-Amschend, Hall of Winds key_dwe_satchel00
Rusty Key On a corpse in Moril Manor Courtyard Chest in Vivec, Hlaalu Underworks key_skeleton
Standard Key Bols Indalen Door to Secret Office in the Craftsmen's Hall Helpful during the quest "Muckraking Journalist" key_Bols
Thendas key On Arnsa Thendas Locked containers inside Thendas Manor Helpful during the quest "Estate Sale" key_thendas
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