Khajiit Laborer is a Khajiit commoner.


There are five different Khajiit laborers, found in Sundercliff Watch:

Two have set locations and will always carry a Rockpick Hoe:

Level Sex Base ID
PC-4 Male xx003510
PC-4 Female xx001b9c
  • Both spawn in the Mines area.

The other three randomly spawn between seven locations, all shared with Argonian Laborers, and will randomly carry either a rockpick hoe or Heavy Rake:

Level Sex Base ID
PC-4 Female xx0019fa
PC-4 Male xx00274d
PC-5 Male xx00274e
  • Four spawn in the Forge area.
  • Two spawn in the Mines area.
  • One spawns in the top floor of the house catty corner to the jail holding the Morag Tong Assassin in the Village area.



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