Not to be confused with Khalima, Khalisah, or Khari.
"Nicely done! Shazah really does have her tail on straight today. Get in there. Khali will be right behind you."

Khali is a Khajiit and one of the current Lunar Champions, along with her twin sister Shazah. They are both next in line to become the Mane of the Khajiiti people following the demise of Akkhuz-ri.

Compared to her sister, Khali is more adventurous and pragmatic and also more prone to seek revenge. This is seen multiple times during her journey down the Moonlith Path.

In the end, if Shazah is chosen as the next Mane, Khali will be corrupted by the Dark Mane and will need to be put down.


Striking at the HeartEdit

The twins Khali and Shazah have come to Hectahame.

Grim SituationEdit


Grimmer StillEdit

Investigate an ancient Khajiiti temple and purge the corruption within.

The First StepEdit


The Path to MoonmontEdit


Motes in the MoonlightEdit


To DuneEdit


The Fires of DuneEdit


The Moonlit PathEdit


The Den of LorkhajEdit




  • "Khali is but a student of the Mane, but this one longs to be inside and undo this corruption."


Show: The First Step

"Welcome to our cleansing, my friend. Eh, sorry... Hallowed. We were right about you, I hear. It is good we'll have someone so strong and trustworthy at our side today."

"Hallowed, you are my strength today. I couldn't do this without you."

"My mother... I can't believe it. Why?"

What happened? "My mother was a great warrior, a commander. She led a squad in the campaign to retake Orcrest and Riverhold from the damned Colovians. That was almost twenty years ago."

How are you feeling? "Why are you even asking? I'm fine. I've known I'd be facing something dark in here since I was a cub. The monks made it very clear. Here, wherever we have to go next... the Two Moons Path. This is not an easy journey."
What do you mean wherever we go next? "The monks taught us that once we complete this Moons-blasted cleansing, we'll have to face some kind of challenge before we walk the final path. We should see hints as to where we must go before all this is over."
Orcrest and Riverhold? "Cities in Elsweyr, to the east of Dune. When Shazah and I were young, the Colovians annexed most of the northern part of the province. They thought our people were too weak from the Knahaten flu to fight back."
Knahaten flu? "A terrible disease. It took many people from the face of Tamriel. Actually how we lost our father... ahem."
Why was your mother leading this squad? "Mother was very well respected in our militia. She used to train the cubs from a young age in the use of claw and blade. Shazah used to sit and read after training, and we'd all take turns practicing tumbles and leaps. She was such a good teacher."
Are you ready to move on? "Khali is ready. Why, do you need more time to rest? If I know anything about these spirit journeys, we will most likely face that General as our final test. And I am eager to put my blade in his side."
Lead on, then.

"My blade has tasted the blood of my mother's killer. I should feel happy, righteous... but I don't feel anything."

What do you mean? "The monks taught us that this cleansing would open old wounds, and I expected to feel triumph... victory. Like any day in the field. But here... he was just another threat to put down. I think I understand what my mother was telling me."

What was she trying to tell you? "Who I fight is not the question I should ask. The question I should ask is: Why do I fight? I fight to protect those I care for. And, perhaps someday, those I lead. Thank you, Hallowed. I could not have done this without you."
You're welcome, Khali. Let's get out of here.

"Your bravery and spirit impresses even Khali. Truly you are the Hallowed. Shazah and I are lucky to have you at our side."


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