"I seek an Orc by the name of Khartag. Rumors have swirled swiftly around Vvardenfell that he will assist slaves such as I. I write this as I search for him in the only place I have heard he visits, but I fear the Camonna Tong are close behind me."

Khartag was a well-known Orcish warrior that served as an ex-member of the Daggerfall Covenant and the leader of the Ropefish, an abolitionist group that helped slaves escape the Great House Telvanni in Vvardenfell.

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Second Era[edit | edit source]

Khartag was an ex-member of the Daggerfall Covenant and later the leader of the Ropefish. Khartag created the Ropefish as a way to free slaves from the Dark Elves of House Telvanni in Vvardenfell. The word about the Ropefish Gang began to spread around the plantations of Vvardenfell, many of the slaves had contacted the Ropefish, leading to many successful escapes at the hands of the Ropefish. The group would then get attention for the Camonna Tong, who saw a business opportunity in the form of the Ropefish. Avrusa Duleri had talked with Khartag to discuss business but Khartag had denied the offer but had also told them off, not realizing the repercussions from messing with the Camonna. In retaliation, Duleri had the Camonna Tong raid the Ropefish base, killing the slaves and the abolitionist residing in the area. In the end, Khartag was stabbed by a poisoned dagger, leaving him on the cold ground of the Khartag Cavern. The Camonna Tong was terminated in Khartag Point with the help of the Vestige, a traveler wandering Tamriel.[1][2]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

On his deathbed, Khartag would name his subordinate, Nakhul, the next leader of the Ropefish, continuing their operation throughout Vvardenfell. Unfortunately, the Ropefish Gang had disbanded before 3E 427, while the Camonna Tong still worked throughout Vvardenfell. Even though the Ropefish had died out, Khartag himself would not be forgotten by his people. The area the Ropefish operated out of was renamed to Khartag Point, in his honor. At one point, an Orcish warrior had traveled to Khartag Point and was dared by his peers to jump off the cliff, which led to their demise. As time went on, many Orsimer would make pilgrimages to Khartag Point to pay their respects. A Shrine to Boethiah had sunken in the Inner Sea and a new one needed to be constructed. Duma gro-Lag was an Orcish worshipper of Boethiah and decided to build a new shrine atop of Khartag Point. It has remained there ever since.[3]

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