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"Bah... Killed by a damned Elf. What a way to go. Well? What are you gawking at, runt? You going to finish me or what?"

Khartag is an Orsimer being held captive inside Khartag Point, in Vvardenfell. He was once the leader of a gang called the Ropefish, and a Covenant hero. He was captured by Avrusa Duleri and her contingent of Camonna Tong thugs. Khartag remained imprisoned for a slow death by poison.


A Smuggler's Last StandEdit

Khartag the Orc-boss and his gang of Ropefish have been using Khartag Point to smuggle slaves off Vvardenfell and into the mainland. When the Camonna Tong discovered this, Khartag refused the offer on moral grounds and fought a last stand against the gangsters. Losing the battle, he and his slave fugitives were captured. The Vestige, tasked by Nakhul, tries to rescue him from captivity, along with his slaves.


I'm not a member of the Camonna Tong. Nakhul asked me to rescue you. "Looks like you came up short. Ha! It's poison, see? Dirty little shrimp knew she couldn't take me straight up. Had to poke me with a poisoned blade. Typical. Did the others escape? Jaree and that lot?"

All but Mabkir. Nakhul thinks this was a bad deal. Why did you defy the Camonna Tong? "Mauloch, I don't know. Maybe I didn't like the way they asked. Look, I'm no saint. Done a lot of things I ain't proud of. But I'll be damned if some tuskless thug's going to make life even worse for these slaves. They've been through enough."
I'll let them know how you passed. "You do that. You..."


  • In legend, Khartag perished in battle, but in truth, he died from poisoning.


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