For other uses, see Khartag Point.
"Glorious Khartag Point! Very famous for orcs. Great hero Khartag who had fought some battle or something died there. Very famous."
―Dialogue with Orsimer[src]

Khartag Point is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is an uninhabited area on the Inner Sea shore, in the Bitter Coast region. It is located north of Gnaar Mok, and south of Andasreth. Initially the area is dominated by a large rock, which is revered by Orcs due to it being the location of the death of a famous Orc hero called Khartag.[1] After the completion of "Boethiah's Quest," the large rock will be sculpted into a large statue of Boethiah by Duma gro-Lag.






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