Khenarthi is the Khajiiti god or goddess of the winds and sky.[1][2]

Background[edit | edit source]

According to the Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi, Ahnurr and Fadomai gave birth to Khenarthi, the Winds, and Ahnurr said "Khenarthi, to you we give the sky, for what can fly higher than the wind?" But Khenarthi went to Fadomai and said, "Fadomai-mother, Khenarthi grows lonely so high above the world where not even my brother Alkosh can fly." Fadomai took pity on her and tricked Ahnurr to make her pregnant again. And so Fadomai gave birth to the Moons and their Motions, Nirni, the majestic sands and lush forests, and Azurah, the dusk and the dawn. When Fadomai knew her time was near she told Azurah, "The Khajiit must be the best climbers, for if Masser and Secunda fail, they must climb Khenarthi's breath to set the moons back in their courses."[1]

It is said that most of the ancient sounds were gifted to the world by Khenarthi. When Lorkhaj was punished for creating the world, it is said that Khenarthi hid in a thunderstorm until her brother Alkosh came to comfort her. She acts as a messenger for Azurah, and also carries the souls of the dead to her.[3]

Khenarthi may be a variation on the Cyrodiilic and Bretony Kynareth, Goddess of Air, strongest of the sky spirits, and member of the Nine Divines.[4] However, Khenarthi is sometimes regarded as an entity of masculine rather than feminine gender,[2] though it should be noted that et'Ada do not have a set gender.

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