"Finally, Lord Sheogorath has sent someone to assist me!"
―Kiliban Nyrandil[src]

Kiliban Nyrandil is the Dunmer sorcerer, and the caretaker of the Xedilian. He will help by giving the Hero instructions found in the Manual of Xedilian if it was not read when it was given to them by Sheogorath.

Description[edit | edit source]

Kiliban will often crack jokes about how Grommok gro-Barak and his adventurer friends were dealt with. Kiliban cannot be killed, as he is an essential character and will get back up after being knocked unconscious.

There is no penalty for knocking him out as long as there are no witnesses. Kiliban can also be used to help fight the Knights of Order that will attack inside Xedilian.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Baiting the Trap[edit | edit source]

Sheogorath sent the Hero to Xedilian to attune the Resonator of Judgement in A Better Mousetrap. Once this task is completed, this next quest begins and the Hero must choose traps for the adventurers to fall in.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Baiting the Trap
Inside Xedilian:

"Finally, Lord Sheogorath has sent someone to assist me! But where are my manners? Ahem... must get into my professional tone... ahem... Welcome to Xedilian, I'm the dungeon caretaker, Kiliban Nyrandil."

Tell me about this place. "A wonder of engineering, is it not? Xedilian is the ultimate test of mettle for the foolhardy adventurer that dares trespass into the Shivering Isles. What they don't know is that they're being drawn to their doom, courtest of the Resonator of Judgement."
Interesting, tell me more. "Ever since that wretched Gatekeeper was made, Xedilian became redundant. It fell into disrepair and was eventually all but forgotten. After only a few years passed, the Grummites began moving in. Ghastly things! They mistook the Focus Crystals for some sort of religious symbols, and removed them from their rightful places. This rendered the Resonater inert and Xedilian completely useless. Luckily, you came along and placed Xedilian back into operation."
Enough. How do I get out of here? "Yes, yes. I tend to ramble; you'll have to forgive me. If you have the Attenuator, then Sheogorath must have sent you. Xedilian would normally have sent you back to the entrance when stepped on the pad in the Resonator Chamber. Since you're up here, I can only surmise that adventurers are already entering the dungeon as we speak."
Why do I have to deal with this? "I'm afraid until the adventurers are dealt with, Xedilian will keep you here. Even I can't will its doors to open. To put it bluntly, you're stuck here for the moment. No disrespect intended."
What should I do? "The only thing we can do is let the adventurers complete a cycle through here. I'll be glad to help. I assume Sheogorath gave you the Manual of Xedilian. You can consult it for more information, or I can provide instructions."
Chamber "I will be happy to describe each chamber and explain the event that unfolds as we proceed through Xedilian."
Chamber "This first chamber is the Chamber of the Gnarl. At the touch of a button, you can cause a large group of tiny Gnarls to appear and attack the adventurers. Or, if you're feeling merciful, we can have the group terrorized by a seemingly lowly Gnarl that instantly grows to twice their size! The hallucinogenic spore gas we release into the chamber will help lull the victims into believing the creature means to kill them. Don't worry, its bark is far worse than its bite. Hahaha!"
Instructions "As the adventurers make their way through Xedilian's chambers, they will encounter choices that you make in these control platforms. All you need to do is decide what becomes of the adventurers. Will you drive them insane or will you pull the life from their bodies?"
How do I make the choices? "Simple. Wait until the adventurers are in position, and then press a button! If they survived, they will proceed to the next chamber, and so on. It's really quite ingenious!"
How do I know when I'm done? "You'll know when you're done when they lie dead on the ground, or they are out of their minds. Of course, any of their possessions you wish to keep are yours for the taking. I'll make sure you get them when you're done."
Do you handle the cleanup? "Well, the dead will be disposed of, have no fear. That's my job. Those that are lucky enough to merely go insane will be granted a place in the Shivering Isles as a permanent resident."
Explain the choices I'm making. "Each chamber presents two options. When you push the appropriate button, an event will unfold for the adventurers to experience. One is physically harmful... usually lethal traps or creatures... something relished by the residents of Dementia. The other choice is more mental. They are designed to make the adventurers lose their grip on reality, much like the residents of Mania. Of course, the introduction of spore gas with the Mania choices helps as well."
That's enough information. "As you wish."
Instructions "What else can I answer for you?"
Resonator of Judgement "The Resonator works by drawing adventurers to itself with a sort of magical "siren's call". Sheogorath uses the Resonator to find the "cream of the crop" as he calls them; the best of the worst to populate the Isles. Quite clever, eh?"

"So good to be back in business!"

If the swarm was chosen in the Chamber of the Gnarl:

"Unleashed the swarm did we? Nothing like a little bloodlust to start the encounter off right."

If the giant gnarl was chosen in the Chamber of the Gnarl:

"Hehe. Watching them run from the Giant Gnarl gets me every time."

At the Chamber of Avarice:

"I see Lord Sheogorath chose wisely when he selected you to liberate Xedilian. Now, how may I continue to assist you?"

Chamber "The second chamber of Xedilian is the Chamber of Avarice. The adventurers will have to overcome their feelings of greed as they set their eyes upon the huge piles of treasure locked behind that gate. You may choose to spring a fire trap and cause them great harm as they stand before the gate. Or, you can fill the chamber with hundreds of keys and watch them frantically search for the correct one. Always a crowd pleaser."

If the fire trap was chosen in the Chamber of Avarice:

"Ah! The classic fire trap. Always a favorite, especially in the colder months."

If the drop keys was chosen in the Chamber of Avarice:

"Too bad none of those keys fit the lock... hahahaha!"

At the Chamber of Anathema:

Chamber "The third chamber of Xedilian is the Chamber of Anathema. Its contents are designed to make sure its the final encounter. The adventurers will be subjected to horrors beyond their imagination... visions of repugnance, death, and malevolence reside in this room. If you wish to bring ruin to your victims, you may choose to animate some of the corpses and watch as they satiate their hunger. Or, we can create the illusion of the adventurer dying and his spirit rising from his corpse. Good fun to be had for all! Then, just as suddenly as we kill him, we revive the adventurer. There are few minds that can stand this type of torture."

After dealing with Grommok:

"You've made short work of the intruders. Sheogorath would be proud to have such an efficient apprentice. Now, of you'll step on the last teleporter pad, I will meet you in the reception chamber so we can recover your earnings."

Chamber "I'm afraid you've exhausted Xedilian's resources. This was the final chamber."

"Not to worry, we'll have your spoils to you in no time at all."

If approached again:

"Please, meet me in the reception chamber."

In the reception chamber:

"I have some things for you."
"As is the tradition, you are to be rewarded a focus crystal as a token of your fine work. I'll have it sent to the palace and placed in the main hall, if you wish to look at it."

You spoke of earnings? "Oh, yes... of course. It seems a most unusual weapon was recovered from the Orc warrior, Grommok. Never seen anything like it, but perhaps his journal can give you some useful information. Beyond that, take whatever else you need from the recovery chest... you've earned it! You're free to go at any time of course, just up that hallway. Good luck to you!"

If approached again:

"Good luck to you!"

After fighting the Knights of Order:

"That was quite a battle. I hope you are uninjured."

What were those beings? "You've not heard the legends? How could that be? Those "beings" as you call them aren't beings at all. They are the soulless abominations known as the Knights of Order. Their attraction to the Resonator isn't surprising; it was built from one of the obelisks that dot the Isles they seem to have an affinity for. You must proceed to Sheogorath at once and tell him the Knights have returned! Quickly now... go!"

If approached again:

"You've certainly done your part protecting Xedilian. Should Sheogorath ever decide to visit, I'll be sure to inform him of your proficiency."

Knights of Order "There isn't much more to say about these soulless creatures. No one knows why they invade or where they're from, but they aren't from the Isles. They haven't walked among us in many hundreds of years. Now that they've returned, there's no telling what may happen to us. My best advice is to destroy them on sight. They wouldn't hesitate to do the same to you."
Xedilian "Now that Xedilian is up and running, I'll endevour to keep it as clean and tidy as the day it was created."

"Hasten back to the palace... Sheogorath must know!"

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "What can I assist you with?"
  • "Allow me to be your guide."
  • "Another chamber, another victim to eliminate. Hurry, the anticipation is overwhelming!"
  • "You're doing quite well so far... keep it up!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kiliban teleports out of the game after the Hero speaks to him once the Knights of Order have been killed, never to be seen again. Although on occasion he may still be found in Xedilian, though one must travel in and out several times for the proper gate to be open. He keeps to his quarters although he offers no additional information or tasks.
  • He carries Kiliban's Key for no apparent reason.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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