For other uses, see Kill Banden Indarys.

Kill Banden Indarys is a House Telvanni quest open to the Nerevarine if they joined them during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  1. Speak to Master Aryon
  2. Head to Indarys Manor in Bal Isra
  3. Kill Banden Indarys
  4. Return to Aryon


Having killed the Hlaalu Noble, Raynasa Rethan, in her Manor on the Odai Plateau, Master Aryon has one final quest for the Nerevarine before they take on the big fish of House Telvanni, Archmagister Gothren. Aryon has decided that the House Redoran Lord Banden Indarys needs to (in Aryon's words) "retire." The Nerevarine is therefore tasked with making Indrays' retirement a permanent one. 

Killing a Lord of House RedoranEdit

Bal Isra, the House Redoran Stronghold, can be found between Ald'ruhn (to the southeast) and Maar Gan (to the northeast). The guards outside Indarys Manor (the largest building inside the stronghold's walls) will tell the Nerevarine that they are not welcome, although they won't attack the Nerevarine. Indarys can be found in the main bedroom of the Manor. Once Indarys has been "retired" (i.e. killed) the Nerevarine may complete the quest by returning to Aryon.


Kill Banden Indarys
IDJournal Entry
10Master Aryon asked me to kill Banden Indarys, the lord of the recently built Redoran Stronghold of Indarys Manor.
  • Quest accepted
100Master Aryon thanked me for killing Banden Indarys.
  • Quest complete


  • If the Nerevarine speaks to Crassius Curio after they have killed Indarys, they will receive a reward of 1,000 GoldIcon.
    • This quest, unsurprisingly, has the same overall objective.
  • Bal Isra (and the Indarys Manor) is the stronghold that the Nerevarine may have built if they had joined House Redoran.
  • The guards outside the Manor may attack the Nerevarine if their disposition towards them is low.
    • Speaking to the guards is enough to cause a drop in their disposition.

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