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Kill Gordol is a House Redoran quest potentially available to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


"Go to Ashalmawia, just east of Ald Velothi. Find the foul Daedra worshipper Gordol, kill him, and report your victory to me."
Theldyn Virith[src]



Having killed the House Telvanni wizard Faves Andas (and risen to the rank of House Brother in House Redoran), the Nerevarine is tasked with one final quest from Theldyn Virith. Gordol, a Daedra worshipper, has committed crimes against Ald Velothi and must be punished for these crimes. The Nerevarine is tasked with removing him from the nearby Daedric ruin of Ashalmawia.

Ald Velothi's Justice[]

Ashalmawia can be found just east of Ald Velothi. Inside the Nerevarine will encounter a variety of Daedra as well as a pair of mages and a pair of warriors. Gordol himself can be found in the Sunken Vaults area of the ruin. Gordol can give the Nerevarine a fair fight (he wields a daedric war-axe and wears a full set (bar helm) of ebony armour), although once he is dead the Nerevarine may return to Theldyn Virith, ending the quest and Virith's questline for the Nerevarine.


Kill Gordol
ID Journal Entry
10 Theldyn Virith asked me to kill Gordol in Ashalmawia, the Daedric ruin just east of Ald Velothi.
  • Quest accepted
 100  Theldyn Virith thanked me for killing Gordol.
  • Quest complete


  • This is the final quest given by Theldyn Virith.
    • The Nerevarine must have achieved the rank of House Brother in House Redoran.
  • Ashalmawia is also a location for a couple of other quests, which can be affected during this quest.