These can be given by innkeepers when asked about work/rumors. Any of the Jarls or their steward/stewardess can give these when asked for work. A Bounty Note will be given to the Dragonborn identifing the type and location of the bounty.

The dungeon is randomly determined based on the quest-giver's hold.


  • At least five quests of this kind (Kill the Bandit Leader at Valtheim Towers, Nilheim, Rift Watchtower, Broken Helm Hollow, Winter War and Uttering Hills Cave) are bugged. If the dragonborn kills the leader before getting the quest, he won't respawn making the dragonborn unable to complete the quest. The quest doesn't have a questmarker either.
  • It's possible to complete the quest by resurrecting the Bandit Leader using the console (and then killing him).
  • It's possible to skip the current stage by using this command setstage BQ01 100 (or 101)

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