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Kill the Master Thief is a Fighters Guild quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

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Once the three bosses of the Thieves Guild are dead, Sjoring Hard-Heart in the Vivec Fighters Guild will ask the Nerevarine to kill the Master Thief.

Gentleman Jim Stacey can be found at Simine Fralinie's bookstore in the Vivec Foreign Quarter Canalworks. Jim is behind the locked door (65) in the back of the bookshop. Again, the Nerevarine will be charged with the murder and have a bounty once Jim is attacked. Upon returning to Sjoring, he will attack the Nerevarine as a threat to his position. Kill him, and any others who leap to his defense.


  • Promotion to Master of the Fighters Guild in Morrowind.

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