"Oh, don't give me that look. Fine. I supposed I can find some menial task to set your mind on. Hmm.... We have something of a vampire problem."
Sybille Stentor[src]

Kill the Vampire is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a miscellaneous quest given by Sybille Stentor, who wishes for the Dragonborn to kill the Master Vampire dwelling within Pinemoon Cave.


  1. Kill the leader of Pinemoon Cave
  2. Tell Sybille the vampire is dead


After speaking with Sybille in the Blue Palace, to obtain the quest, it begins at Pinemoon Cave, a small cave in Haafingar. A grove of trees in the tundra opens to a small campsite. At night, there may be vampires milling about the exterior camp. In the day the creatures will be inside the cave.

The entrance to the cave opens to a passage down to the north. This leads to a roughly square room with two wolves. Another passage at the north end jogs right (east) and opens to the southwest corner of another room. The room contains what appears to be a place for watching ceremonies, with a raised platform against the north wall holding a table with bloody bones arranged in a bowl, and benches arranged in front. There are several vampires, including the leader. The vampires all use lightning bolt attacks, which, when combined, can do significant damage.

After the leader is slain, the rest of the small cave can be explored. Next to the table is a novice-locked chest. Another raised area against the south wall has a table on top of which is the corpse of a Nord.

In the left wall is an opening that leads to a smaller room. An empty cage is against the left (east) wall, while a table next to the cage holds the Illusion skill book Incident in Necrom. A bed is in the southwest cornet, and an unlocked chest is in the northwest corner.

Upon returning the Sybille, she rewards the Dragonborn with a random piece of jewelry and an extra skill level in Illusion.


Kill the Vampire – Favor 109
IDJournal Entry
  • Objective 10: Kill the leader of Pinemoon Cave
  • Objective 15: Tell Sybille the vampire is dead
  • Quest complete
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