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"Some say Goblins originated in Summerset, and some say the High Elves brought them here to serve as menials and slaves. They no longer perform those functions, but freed or escaped, Goblin tribes still thrive in the island's loneliest corners."
―King's Haven Pass loading screen[src]

King's Haven Pass is a delve that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. King's Haven Pass is a road that connects the northeastern valley to the western peninsula. It is where the goblins of Summerset are known to live.


  • Coral-Splitter Caves
    • Ancient Ruins


Savage TruthsEdit

Help Mehdze recover his scribe and the notes.


Pilgrimage's EndEdit


The Tower SentinelsEdit

The Vestige is sent to find Sapiarch Imedril in King's Haven Pass, who is studying the old ruins.

Notable itemsEdit

Quest items:


* These characters are quest-related and may only be present during said quest.





  • King's Haven Pass is the first delve in the game to have two entrances that are marked on the map: the western one is located near Ebon Stadmont and the eastern one is located near Gryphon Run.


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