"Their chieftain, King-Chief Edu, is the craftiest Riekr I've ever encountered. We're used to these brutes stealing goods and livestock, but kidnapping? It's remarkable... and completely unacceptable."
―Sonolia Muspidius[src]

King-Chief Edu is a powerful unique Riekr who has been leading the Wrothgarian goblin tribes in raids involving the plundering of cargo and capture of civilians. He can be found at the King-Chief's Throne, north of Orsinium, and will be commanded hordes of Riekr, Durzog, and Ogres against any attackers. Once a few waves are defeated, Edu himself will enter the battle.


Reeking of Foul PlayEdit

Defeat King-Chief Edu and rescue the Travelers.


Edu will be at the top of the stone arch, commanding his troops if you and anyone fighting with you is detected by his minions. After a few hordes of them are killed, Edu himself will jump from atop the arch and battle you head-on. He will be carrying a sword, and will attack anyone visible that poses a threat to him. However, he only attacks one person at a time. During combat, he can sound his horn and summon more troops, and will be assisted by archers.


  • "Attack! We are under attack!"
  • "No! No no no! Attack! The other way!"
  • "Enough! I fight! I win! Archers! Now!"
  • "No! You no crush me!"
  • "Crush! We crush the invader! Crush good!"
  • "Kill! Kill! Kill all!"
  • "Up! Up from the pits!"
  • "Stupid! Weak! I crush you!"
  • "Appeasement for silkan has been rejected!"confirmation needed


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