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"If there is to be a revolution, it is best done by a King."
―Helseth Hlaalu[src]

King Hlaalu Helseth is a Dunmer king who was the King of Morrowind during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal.


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Helseth was the first child of Queen Barenziah of Wayrest and her husband Symmachus, in 3E 376. He is the older brother of Morgiah.

Through a clever move, Helseth took the throne of Morrowind after the death of King Athyn Llethan. It had been rumored that Helseth was responsible for Llethan's death. An underground publisher released a book titled The Common Tongue, a book that told the mass that Helseth was a subtle poisoner in Wayrest. A Game at Dinner, a report by an unknown spy to a certain vampire lord, also related the story of Helseth and his cunning use of poisons.

At around the same time, the ancient goddess of Morrowind, Lady Almalexia, opposed him. She knew that Helseth, with his cunning mind, would take over Morrowind for himself, but she could not risk open war.

Then, the Nerevarine emerged. At first, Helseth saw the Nerevarine as another threat to his newly established monarchy. He hired the Dark Brotherhood to assassinate the Nerevarine. The Nerevarine proved to be mightier than any assassin the Dark Brotherhood could muster, and Helseth met the Nerevarine face to face.

Through clever manipulation, Helseth used the Nerevarine to turn the tide and eliminate all of the problems his new monarchy faced, allowing him to rule Morrowind undisputed.


He tends to be very hostile towards the Nerevarine, bordering on paranoid, and highly mistrustful. This ends when the Nerevarine has proven that he isn't a threat to Helseth's reign.


An Assassination AttemptEdit

Discover who sent out the Dark Brotherhood assassins.

Helseth's ChampionEdit

Defeat Karrod in a fight.

The Mad GodEdit

Defeat Almalexia and report to Helseth.


Show: An Assassination Attempt
Inside the Royal Palace:

"Your loyal service shall be rewarded."
" you're the one Tienius has been telling us about. Interesting. You'll have to forgive us for the slight inconvenience earlier. It appears we were given a bit of misinformation. The Queen Mother has spoken of you as well."

slight inconvenience "We understand you were visited by some Dark Brotherhood assassins. A regrettable occurence. They are a difficult lot, but they do have their usefulness. I'm certain that will no longer be a problem for you."
Dark Brotherhood "They are usually a very effective group. Not always, though, I have recently learned."
bit of misinformation "Yes...we have various sources throughout Vvardenfell that are paid well to provide us with information. Unfortunately, sometimes it proves to be incorrect. One of our informants had suggested that you could pose a threat to our monarchy. That cannot be allowed, as I'm sure you understand."
threat to our monarchy "It is never easy for one to assume the throne. Especially after the unfortunate set of circumstances that led to our beloved King Llethan's death. There are those who would seek to profit from such events, to take the opportunity to create unrest among the people. These are those, even, who would wish to see us dead."
King Llethan's death "May his spirit rest among his ancestors. We did all that could be done for him, but in the end, he seemd to have lost his will to live. He was a great man, and we mourn his loss."
see us dead "Does this surprise you? Even now, there are those that would see our head on a pike. What better way to achieve one's goals than to have others remove those that would oppose you? Surely you have some understanding of this? In fact, we have recently been told of a plot against the throne."
some understanding "I assume you've heard of the Morag Tong? And of the Dark Brotherhood? They have their purpose in Morrowind."
plot "Some of my informants have learned of a possible assassination plot against our royal person. I would like more information on this. However, I do not want to compromise the safety of my guards or of my informant. I believe, however, you would be suitable for this matter."
this matter "I wish for you to meet an informant of mine at a local cornerclub, The Winged Guar. You'll find it in Godsreach. He's an orc, and shouldn't be hard to pick out. Find him, and ask him about his "Uncle's Farm." He'll know what it means. Then report back to me with your information."
Uncle's Farm "Just ask him about it."
Queen Mother "You know, of course, of Queen Barenziah. We returned to Mournhold together, after the unpleasantness in Wayrest. An amazing woman, our mother. Not one to be taken lightly. Not much happens in Mournhold that she is not aware of. She is a valuable asset to us."
Barenziah "She is the Queen Mother of Mournhold, our Royal Mother."

If approached again:

"Ahhh...Nerevarine (Player name). Have you learned more about that plot?"

plot "Find out what you can."
this matter "As I said, meet my informant at the Winged Guar. Ask him about his uncle's farm."
Almalexia "The goddess lives in her Temple here in Mournhold. She surrounds herself with her priests and guards, and rarely ventures from her chapel anymore."
bit of misinformation "There are more interesting things to speak of."
Fedris Hler "My sources tell me that Hler is the leader of the Hands of Almalexia. This makes him a potentially dangerous man, or a valuable ally."
Gavas Drin "Drin is Almalexia's Lord Archcanon. I distrust him, but he is directly under the goddess's protection."
goblins "I don't even like to think about the vile little beasts."
Helseth "I am King Hlaalu Helseth, ruler of all Morrowind."
High Ordinators "The goddess's henchmen. They consider themselves a sacred order, but they are nothing more than religious zealots and thugs."
latest rumors "The situation in Plaza Brindisi Dorom is under control. But -- you were there, I guess. I've heard it was pretty terrible."
Nerevarine "I know all about you and the prophecies. And I know the Temple's position on the matter. My policy is to avoid involving the government in Temple matters wherever possible."
Royal Guard "They are my personal guard, loyal only to me. I chose them myself, selecting only the most loyal and skilled warriors from all of Tamriel."
See us dead "Some would wish it. They will live to regret it."
Sotha Sil "One of the Tribunal. None have seen the Tinkerer in centuries, from what I understand. I distrust these man-gods, especially ones I cannot find."
threat to our monarchy "Any threat will be dealt with quickly. And severely."
Tienius Delitian "Tienius has been our friend and advisor for many years. I trust the man with my life."

After speaking with Bakh gro-Sham:

"Ahhh...Nerevarine (Player name). Have you learned more about that plot?"

plot "Yes...I expected you would find out as much. Other sources of mine indicate the same thing, and that the attempt will be made tomorrow night. Our mother must be protected at all costs, but I do not wish to tip my hand to these assassins. Here is how we will protect Barenziah."
protect Barenziah "It would be unwise to station more guards outside her doors, as that would alert the killers to our knowledge. Better to catch them in the act. One of our loyal guards could be involved in this attempt, so they will be kept occupied elsewhere. You will stay in the antechamber outside our mother's chambers tomorrow evening, and deal with these assassins when they arrive. Close the door behind you and hide behind the screens, so as not to alert them to your presence. Meantime, find out whatever else you can."
plot "It must be stopped."
protect Barenziah "Wait in the antechamber outside Barenziah's room at nightfall and protect her from the assassins. You are to hide behind the screens in the anteroom, and make sure to close the door to the room behind you. We do not want to let the assassins know they are expected. In the meantime, find out whatever else you can about the attempt. Report to us when you have completed your task."

After protecting Barenziah:

"I understand you were able to protect Barenziah."

protect Barenziah "You were able to hold off the assassins. Interesting. Perhaps the threat was not as great as it seemed. We commend you. Take this as a show of our appreciation. We are impressed with your efforts so far. When you are ready, speak to me about further service to your king."
Show: Helseth's Champion
Inside the Royal Palace:

"Have you come to be of service to your King?"

service to your king "By your actions so far, you have proven yourself yo be both strong and loyal to our throne. It is no time for you to prove yourself to me. Personally. I have plans for you, Nerevarine (Player name), and it is almost time they were put into motion."
prove yourself "I require all those close to me to be powerful, able to defend me from any adversary. Perhaps you have met my personal bodyguard, Karrod? He is a perfect example: the finest fighter I have met in all my travels, and loyal to me to the death."
Karrod "I met him many years ago, a deaf and dumb child wandering the streets of Wayrest. The boy actually had the audacity to try and rob my stepsister, Elysana. I marveled at his courage, and took him into my employ. When a dog has been beaten, Nerevarine (Player name), it will lick the hand of the one who feeds it even the most meager of scraps. Now he is my most loyal of servants, and one of my most deadly. I wish for you to fight my champion."
fight my champion "That is correct. I have come to know you a bit, Nerevarine (Player name). I believe you can be of some use to me. But the plans I have will require someone of great strength or wit. Perhaps both. The time has come for you to prove this to me. You will return here tomorrow, and you will duel Karrod. If you are able to defeat him, we will discuss my plans for you."
plans for you "All in good time. First you will prove yourself."

If approached again:

"It is not yet time to fight my champion. Return later, and we will have the battle."

fight my champion "You will meet him tomorrow. Report back here tomorrow and be prepared to face Karrod."
Karrod "The finest fighter I have ever known, as you will soon learn."

After waiting a day:

"Have you come to fight my champion? Are you prepared to face Karrod?"

fight my champion " have come to meet Karrod in battle. Good for you. Have I mentioned that Karrod has never been defeated? Perhaps I hadn't. This is to be a fair fight. Use whatever weapons or spells are at your disposal. I wish you both luck. At least one of you will need it. None are to interfere, and you will begin on my command."

After defeating Karrod:

"Enough! I have seen you fight my champion, though I find it hard to imagine how you have succeeded. I did not believe anyone could best Karrod, but you have shown me otherwise. And he speaks! There are depths to you, Nerevarine (Player name), that I will fathom in time. For now, you have proven yourself to me."

fight my champion "I'm impressed, Nerevarine (Player name). None have ever defeated Karrod in battle, and I certainly didn't expect you to be the first. You continue to surprise me. You have proven your worth to me, as well as your loyalty. Take this as a token of my faith in our friendship. It was my father's ceremonial dagger, and I place it now in your possession. Do not disgrace this memory, Nerevarine (Player name). Now, let us discuss my plans for you."
fight my champion "There's no need to speak of this further."
Karrod "I'm amazed you were able to defeat him. There may be the stuff of greatness in you, Nerevarine (Player name)."

If approached again:

"You have questions about my plans for you?"

plans for you "As I am certain you know, Mournhold is one of the seats of power for the Tribunal. The foddess Almalexia resides here in her Temple, surrounded by her High Ordinators. I have no great love for Almalexia, her Ordinators, or the Tribunal of which she is a part. In light of recent events, I believe it is time to gather more information about them."
recent events "The attack on Mournhold was as unexpected to me as it was destructive to the city. And I make it my business to remain forewarned of this sort of event. Many believed the attacking creatures to have been Dwemer constructs, but we know now that this is not the case. These creatures were beyond anything dreamt of by the Dwarves, creatures it would take the power of a god to create. I would like you to learn more about the attacks."
learn more about the attacks "I believe that the person who might shed more light on this situation is Almalexia herself. All indications are that these creatures must be constructs of Sotha Sil, and only Almalexia is likely to have information about him. I wish for you to speak to her, learn what she knows about the creatures, and report to me. There is no reason for the goddess to suspect that you and I may be allied. Use this to your advantage. Do not approach me again until you have learned all that you can."
Almalexia "Yes, I sent you to her to learn more about the attacks."
plans for you "As I've said, they relate to the recent events in the city."
recent events "We've discussed this enough. You know what you must do."

If approached again:

"Yes, Nerevarine (Player name)? I thought you were sent to learn more about the attacks. I also told you to stay away from the Royal Palace until you had learned all there is to know! Do not take this job lightly."

learn more about the attacks "When you know more, come talk to me. For now, visit the "goddess.""
Show: The Mad God
Inside the Royal Palace:

"I have been hearing many stories about you, Nerevarine (Player name). And about the goddess. In fact, I've been hearing stories about a great deal of strange happenings in my city. I sent you to learn more about the attacks. I will assume that the rumors I have heard relate to that."

learn more about the attacks "The attacks were Almalexia's doing? And now you say that both she and Sotha Sil lie dead in the Clockwork City? She murders Sotha Sil, and then tries to kill you as well. Astounding! I believe your tale, Nerevarine (Player name), but do not expect my people to be so accepting of it. You will find it is not easy to kill these gods in the hearts and minds of their followers. It will take time, but this will be a new era for Morrowind, and I will lead them into it. You have done well, my friend. You have my gratitude."
Almalexia "It is an amazing story you have told about the goddess, Nerevarine (Player name). I commend your efforts."
Sotha Sil "You have told me your story. The Tinkerer is no more."
learn more about the attacks "I have heard your story, my friend. I will not forget what you have done."




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