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To the Knights of Watcher's Hold,

It is no enviable task which I give you, but it is most assuredly honorable. Our forces have vanquished the Orcs, destroyed their capital, and subjugated their lands. Those who survived have scattered across the region, fleeing back to remote strongholds or journeying to even more distant lands.

But rest assured, the day will come when the beasts will return to their homeland and once again try to rebuild their kingdom. Under no circumstance can this be allowed! You must maintain eternal vigil in Wrothgar. Should the Orcs return, strike them down.

I intend for you to serve at Watcher's Hold no longer than five years. After this time, I will send knights to relieve you and you may return home to Daggerfall. Upon this, you have my word.

Thank for your service to crown and country,
King Maxevian
10th Hearth Fire 2E 434


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