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Kjeld is a Nord in Kynesgrove.


Kjeld is the leader of Kynesgrove and the most influential man in the settlement. He's also the owner of Steamscorch Mine. He lives with his wife Iddra, the innkeeper, and his son, Kjeld the Younger. In a dialogue with Roggi Knot-Beard, a good friend of his, Kjeld reveals that his marriage isn't as good as it used to be.

Tormir in Darkwater Crossing has bad relations with him for an unknown reason. Speculations about him being the father of her daughter might be the cause, as she speaks negatively of Hrefna's unknown father.


Letter from KjeldEdit

If the Dragonborn kills Tormir from Darkwater Crossing, a courier will deliver a letter sent from Kjeld stating he's glad she was taken care of and to collect a reward.

Hired ThugsEdit

If the Dragonborn steals from Kynesgrove, Kjeld will send Hired Thugs after him/her as a consequence.

Thalmor DissidenceEdit

If the Dragonborn is a High Elf wearing the Hooded Thalmor uniform, they will be attacked by Kjeld and Gemma Uriel on sight.



Roggi: "You going to be at the inn tonight?"
Kjeld: "Not sure. Feeling like taking another trip."
Roggi: "What's your wife think of your trips?"
Kjeld: "They're none of her business, and none of yours either."

Heat makes the mead go downEdit

Kjeld: "Sweltering in here."
Roggi: "I'd like the fresh air better, but this isn't so bad."
Kjeld: "How do you stay cheery down in these blazes?"
Roggi: "I don't know. Maybe because it makes the mead taste that much better at night."
Kjeld: "Again with the mead!"

Hidden ventEdit

Roggi: "Found another one of those vents in back near the scaffold."
Kjeld: "Does Dravynea know?"
Roggi: "She hasn't had a chance to look at it yet. Just be careful over there."
Kjeld: "Always."

Scorched eyebrowsEdit

Kjeld: "Roggi tell you about the scorcher we found under the scaffolding?"
Dravynea: "Again? But there shouldn't be any earthstreams over there."
Kjeld: "Well I nearly lost my eyebrows to it."
Dravynea: "All right, I'll take a look at it."

Unheeded adviceEdit

Dravynea: "What did I tell you about snooping around my wards?"
Kjeld: "Woman, there's a vein of malachite as thick as my leg back there."
Dravynea: "And if you don't let me secure the steam channel, your leg could get blown off. So go dig at the other corner for a bit."
Kjeld: "Well... just get it done."

Stop pestering meEdit

Kjeld: "Is the new shaft cleared yet?"
Dravynea: "No, I've been busy trying to keep the whole mine from collapsing, if that's all right with you."
Kjeld: "You're busy. I'll come back later."

Settled, but unsettledEdit

Kjeld: "So, Roggi, when are you going to get yourself a woman?"
Roggi: "Oh, I'm not sure I could ever settle down like you have, friend."
Kjeld: "Who says I've settled down?"
Roggi: "I think this is yet another conversation that wouldn't make your wife happy."
Kjeld: "That's just it... if she's not happy, there are plenty of other women who will be."
Roggi: "Oh, you old charmer."

Bad jokeEdit

Roggi: "I'm not sure that's a good joke to tell with women present..."
Kjeld: "But don't you get it? She thought he was a troll!"
Roggi: "I get it. It's funny. It just might upset your wife."
Kjeld: "Eh, let her get upset. She'll be angry no matter what I say, might as well enjoy myself."

Where do bees get honey?Edit

Roggi: "How much do you know about the brewing of mead?"
Kjeld: "I know all there is to know about the drinking of it, and that suits me just fine."
Roggi: "I've been trying to figure out what makes Riften mead better than the stuff from Whiterun."
Kjeld: "Better honey?"
Roggi: "There has to be more to it than that, though. I wish I knew where the bees got it from."

Hunting questionEdit

Kjeld the Younger: "When do I get to go hunting?"
Kjeld: "When you're able to draw a bow all the way to your shoulder."
Kjeld the Younger: "I can do that! I did it yesterday!"
Kjeld: "Oh, really?"
Kjeld the Younger: "So can I come?"
Kjeld: "We'll see."

Tough worldEdit

Kjeld the Younger: "And then I told her about the vampires and how much they would pay me for her."
Kjeld: "That is rich. What did she do?"
Kjeld the Younger: "She's a girl. She cried."
Kjeld: "It's good to toughen her up. Not an easy world out here. Keep at it."

Be your own manEdit

Kjeld the Younger: "Papa, mama's making me do kitchen work again."
Kjeld: "And what did you say to that?"
Kjeld the Younger: "She can't tell me what to do!"
Kjeld: "There you go, son. Be your own man!"



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