Kjoric the White was a former High King of Skyrim, during the First Era.[1]

He attained the Crown of Verity (and subsequently the title of High King) from Asurn Ice-Breaker, whom the Crown had previously rejected as High King. Asurn had threatened to kill the other members of the Moot if they did not grant him the title, but Kjoric—who was purportedly a soft-spoken man—stood up to him, defeating him in a duel.[2]

He attended the coronation of the Emperor Gorieus on the 23rd of Sun's Dawn in 1E 461 with his son, Hoag Merkiller. Kjoric later rebelled against the Emperor and his Alessian Army, but was killed at the Battle of Sungard in 1E 477 or 478. The Moot named his son Hoag as the new High King.[1]


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